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Web3 Super App & Antivirus


Web3 SuperApp - De.Fi has integrated 43 Blockchains, 8 Exchanges, and 370+ Protocols into its Dashboard. We have also built the Biggest Aggregator of the Historical Data of 10k+ LPs and Vaults at our APY Aggregator!

De.Fi is also the inventor of Crypto’s First Antivirus, that’s currently used by Coingecko, Universities: of London, Montreal, Singapore, and more. The Ecosystem of Scanner and Shield is a multi-layer security solution that prevents users from interacting with malicious assets.

De.Fi is a unique platform with many features designed to help our users access, manage and secure DeFi assets through a single user-friendly portal. We are constantly updating and improving the solutions at De.Fi. New tools are always in development.

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