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We've had the pleasure of working with Daniel for the past 4 years. In my experience, there isn't another job board that matches the quality of talent nor the incredible customer service! If you're looking to receive a consistent flow of diverse, quality, global, Web3 candidates, look no further! In this past year (2023) alone, we have made 9 hires via Cryptocurrency Jobs. Thank you, Daniel!

Status logo

Pepper Lea

Global Web3 Recruiter, Status

Cryptocurrency Jobs has helped us scale the team at Omni with multiple key team members from quality prior teams like the Ethereum Foundation. Easily the highest ROI for any money we spend on recruiting.

Omni Network logo

Austin King

Co-Founder & CEO, Omni Network

GFX Labs has been using Cryptocurrency Jobs for two years and has been our top tool for hiring. We've hired for backend, frontend, and design positions through the job board. At this point, it's not a question of if it is the best job board in crypto, it has done the hard work of proving itself. Daniel has always been quick to reply to our emails and been supportive since our inception. We look forward to using Cryptocurrency Jobs for years to come.

GFX Labs logo

Getty Hill

Co-Founder, GFX Labs

Cryptocurrency Jobs has been one of the few constants for sourcing great candidates throughout Maple's evolution. Over the years we've made many high quality hires, as is the requirement to be part of Maple. We are continuously reviewing and iterating on how Maple hires, ensuring our methods have meaningful return on investment and align with our high quality brand. The impact Cryptocurrency Jobs has, is always evident.

Maple Finance logo

James Baulcomb

Head of Talent, Maple Finance

Cryptocurrency Jobs has consistently gone above and beyond what a job board is expected to do. They truly understand the importance of a job posting and the impact it can have on not only your brand, but your growing team. The personable and thoughtful touch that is put into posting a job and interacting with me (the employer) exceeds my expectations. In addition, the team is flexible and willing to share their expertise to help you succeed. I am really grateful to have started to build a relationship with them and feel confident in working with them for all our future hiring needs!

UMA logo

Melissa Quinn


Cryptocurrency Jobs has been a fantastic partner and a great investment for us at ChainSafe Systems. We have been working together for over 6 months and find their approach very impactful in helping us find fantastic and qualified talent for our nascent space and a very tight-knit community. Through our partnership, we have learned and adapted to how the job market wants to engage with prospective employers. Furthermore, customer service is being managed exceptionally well with keen attention to detail and suggestions on how to improve along the way. We are definitely going to continue to use this job board as our company scales and grows!

ChainSafe Systems logo

Anna Teplo

People Operations Manager, ChainSafe Systems

Cryptocurrency Jobs is a great source for talent specifically interested and experienced in crypto. Candidates who apply are more motivated and have more relevant skillset than candidates on generic recruiting sites like LinkedIn. Customer service is great too.

Wintermute logo

Marina Gurevich

COO, Wintermute

Cryptocurrency Jobs has been a valuable way to reach high quality candidates. We are impressed with the talent, and we have made some exceptional hires through the platform.

Aave logo

Evgenia Savluk


Cryptocurrency Jobs has been a key part of our hiring process for years. Excellent, high quality applicant flow and Daniel's hands on support makes the process super simple.

LinkPool logo

Eric Jaurena

Director of Innovation, LinkPool

Working with Cryptocurrency Jobs (Daniel) has been a breeze. Drawing on their deep experience in the Web3 space, they helped chalk out a clear understanding of our talent needs. Through their postings we were introduced to well-qualified candidates that were a good fit for both the positions and our company culture.

Push Protocol logo

Richa Joshi

Co-Founder, Push Protocol

We've tried all major Crypto/DeFi/Web3 jobs boards. Cryptocurrency Jobs brought in the most and highest quality candidates by far — 60% of the interviews for our last open role came from the platform! The customer support is top and price competitive, I would highly recommend CJ to anyone looking for talent in the space.

OpenCover logo

Jeremiah Smith

Founder & CEO, OpenCover

Shout out to Cryptocurrency Jobs for helping us land our first 2 employees. Recruiting is tough as is, but the team over there has done a lot to help us source some awesome talent. If you're a founder, I would highly encourage giving them a look!

cypher logo

Barrett Williams

Founder/CEO, cypher

We've used Cryptocurrency Jobs a gazillion times! Thanks for helping us find amazing crypto/DeFi/NFT talent! Also, your customer service and attention to detail are superb. Blockchain hiring has been so much easier with Cryptocurrency Jobs!

ElevenYellow logo

Olesia Horodniuk

Operations Manager, ElevenYellow

Cryptocurrency Jobs has been instrumental in our hiring efforts at Set. At EthHub, we feature the top jobs listed on their website in the EthHub Weekly Newsletter each week because we believe it's the best place to find a new career for people wanting to jump into the crypto ecosystem.

Set logo

Anthony Sassano

Product Marketing Manager, Set

Working with Daniel has been a pleasure. Daniel's sourcing knowledge is second to none, and he's consistently delivered in customer service. On top of that Cryptocurrency Jobs was the source of one of our all-star engineers. I strongly recommend this job board to any web3 company, big or small.

Sense logo

Kenton Prescott

Co-Founder & CEO, Sense

Cryptocurrency Jobs has been an invaluable resource for finding crypto-native talent for a variety of roles at prePO, and Daniel has provided outstanding personalized support every step of the way.

prePO logo

Xavier Ekkel

Founder, prePO

Cryptocurrency Jobs has been our single best source of quality candidates for a variety of roles ranging from experienced back-end Rust developers, to front end developers and marketers. Any time we hire, we'll be going to Cryptocurrency Jobs first!

Jet Protocol logo

James Moreau

Co-Founder, Jet Protocol

We've been using Cryptocurrency Jobs along with a few other sites to post our roles. Given the market right now it was difficult to find the right talent for our hiring efforts; however, Cryptocurrency jobs has helped immensely! We've received so many qualified resumes through the site and the ease of using it is another added plus along with the phenomenal customer service. Our contact Daniel has been extremely responsive and so personable! Thank you for all your help in making my life easier- I am so grateful!

Wyre logo

Pooja Amin

Director, People, Wyre

Cryptocurrency Jobs has been core to our recruitment efforts and always delivers on quantity and quality of applicants. Working with Daniel is always a pleasure; he's fast to reply, consistent in his service and is always energetic and bubbly. Recruitment can certainly be draining in general, but I am yet to have a less than fantastic experience working with this platform and team. To many more roles to come :)

The Fabricant logo

Michael Ratcliffe

People & Culture Lead, The Fabricant

Cryptocurrency Jobs always has excellent customer service and they are a great source for getting top talent in the crypto & blockchain industry!

Gelato Network logo

Hilmar Orth

Co-Founder, Gelato Network

The team at Cryptocurrency Jobs has been outstanding! We've been using this job board for over a year and have built an outstanding team with their help and gracious customer service.

Rolla logo


Co-Founder, Rolla

We used Cryptocurrency Jobs alongside a few other recruiting channels, and received a ton of high quality applicants through Cryptocurrency Jobs. We ended up making a hire within a few weeks. We'll definitely be using this again!

Terra logo

Jeff Kuan

Business Development Lead, Terra

I gotta thank you for helping us with the job listings. We managed to hire amazing people!

Reflexer Labs logo

Stefan Ionescu

CEO, Reflexer Labs

As a non-public facing startup at the time of hiring, we found Cryptocurrency Jobs the best place to get in touch with capable and driven developers in the Ethereum space, and will certainly be posting jobs listings again in the future!

mStable logo

Alex Scott

Core Developer, mStable

Working with the Cryptocurrency Jobs team was easy and seamless. We were able to fill the positions quickly and had a few rock solid candidates to choose from. As growth at Boson Protocol accelerates, we're counting on their quality sourcing for future positions!

Boson Protocol logo

Bruno Ahualli

Marketing Director, Boson Protocol

At Hifi Finance, we tried using some of the more traditional job listing websites, but we just ended up with inboxes full of candidates that were not particularly experienced with, or passionate about Ethereum and decentralized finance. Cryptocurrency Jobs consistently provided us with high quality candidates that know the space.

Hifi Finance logo


COO, Hifi Finance

I recently used Cryptocurrency Jobs for the first time and have to say I am super impressed! Not only was Daniel extremely helpful setting us up when we encountered some technical hiccups on our end, but the platform brought in some really valuable candidates. I will be happy to use them again for our recruiting needs.

Chorus One logo

Peta Armstrong

Chorus One

We got a bunch of great candidates, including one that we hired, for a fraction of the cost of a recruiter. Very pleased!

Props logo

Peter Watts

CTO, Props

Great site, great service and it worked perfectly. We got the exact candidate we wanted in a very short and at a very small cost.

Sentnl logo

Charles Holtzkampf

Founder, Sentnl

We've had exposure to some strong crypto candidates via Cryptocurrency Jobs. Daniel and his team have been helpful in administrative matters and we hope to continue the engagement with them - a much needed, niche resource.

Sifchain logo

Sneha Kataria

Chief of Staff, Sifchain

Cryptocurrency Jobs is the go-to platform for hiring blockchain talent and offers excellent customer service.

Interlay logo

Alexei Zamyatin

Co-Founder & CEO, Interlay

We have used Cryptocurrency Jobs for all of our hiring with crypto-specific skillsets. Whenever we need someone with knowledge of the crypto industry, we always go to Cryptocurrency jobs to do our hiring, and the results have been fantastic!

RealT logo

David Hoffman

COO, RealT

Cryptocurrency Jobs allowed us to hire a front end developer that aligns with our company vision and goals. We are thrilled to have worked with the team and Daniel at Cryptocurrency Jobs.

APY Vision logo

Tom C.

Core Developer, APY Vision

The experience has been excellent and I was able to fill the roles only through those postings. Many thanks!

Albaron Ventures logo

Vlad Andrei

Founder & Managing Partner, Albaron Ventures

Cryptocurrency Jobs has quickly become our go-to resource for all our hiring needs. Great service, and the customer support is second to none!

Reality Cards logo

Andrew Stanger

Co-Founder, Reality Cards

Cryptocurrency Jobs is our go-to-market platform to hire new profiles. It provides a large range of applicants which allows to see your options.

Paladin logo

Romain Figuereo

Founder, Paladin

Cryptocurrency Jobs was our platform of choice as it presents a beautiful platform for high-quality talent to find positions at leading companies.

Cartesi logo

Colin Steil

Co-Founder & COO, Cartesi

Cryptocurrency Jobs is a no-brainer. All the talent in DeFi and Ethereum applies and recruits here. If you want a mess of applicants and misleading opportunities, you'll find them all on legacy recruiting platforms like AngelList, LinkedIn, and more.

Fourth Revolution Capital logo

DeFi Dad

Fourth Revolution Capital

We owe much of our growth to Cryptocurrency Jobs, sourcing some of our best and brightest talent. It's always the first place we go to post a new role, and Daniel provides next-level customer service and support!

Parcel logo

Noah Gaynor

Co-Founder & CEO, Parcel

Finding the right people in DeFi is tough, but once we listed our roles on Cryptocurrency Jobs we were contacted by a huge number of talented applicants from all over the world in a short amount of time. The customer service was great too. Highly recommended.

Euler logo

Michael Bentley

CEO, Euler

Cryptocurrency Jobs has been an amazing place for us to find solid candidates. We already hired 2 employees through this community. Also, they have been very supportive as well as quick to respond to our needs. Thank you, Cryptocurrency Jobs and we look forward to continuing working with your team.

Onramper logo

Signe Kondo

Head of People, Onramper

Four new developers and an analyst joined our team this week. Increasing our loading and shipping speed and might even get a new crane! Also, worth noting that the best response rate was from Cryptocurrency Jobs - we will definitely use their job board again.

Cargo Labs logo

Cargo Labs

Cargo Labs

Cryptocurrency Jobs has made finding and hiring top-of-market web3 talent an order of magnitude easier for Innovation Upstream. Their value-add is incredible and we will be using them for many more hires to come!

Innovation Upstream logo

Zach Lowden

Founder, Innovation Upstream

We look for talented, and experienced DeFi/NFT players and we found them on Cryptocurrency Jobs. It's quick and simple, but so many talented applicants there. I definitely recommend Cryptocurrency Jobs site when you want to recruit DeFi-related people.

DAOLaunch logo

Sakuro Imayama

Founder, DAOLaunch

Hiring for an engineer was hard. From one platform, 75% of applicants didn't show up to the interview; a recruiter wanted a lot of money for his work. Cryptocurrency Jobs was affordable and effective, bringing me the best candidates I had spoken with in weeks.

Hat Swap City logo

Christopher Kocurek

Co-Founder, Hat Swap City

Since posting our Project Manager job listing on Cryptocurrency Jobs 5 days ago, we've already received over 170 applications for the position 😱🤯

Cryptex Finance logo

Cryptex Finance

Cryptex Finance

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