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Cryptocurrency Jobs is the leading job board for blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs.

We built Cryptocurrency Jobs because we believe decentralized, trustless and transparent systems have the potential to make the world a better place. Building this future takes people: from developers and researchers to designers and writers.

We want every company and startup to have an equal opportunity to stand out. Each job post on Cryptocurrency Jobs is treated as a premium listing. No hidden costs, add-ons or tiered plans.

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Used by

  • Augur


    Decentralized oracle & prediction market platform

  • Compound


    Protocol for algorithmic money markets

  • ConsenSys


    Blockchain studio building decentralized apps on Ethereum

  • Kraken Digital Asset Exchange

    Kraken Digital Asset Exchange

    The largest bitcoin exchange in euro volume

  • Paxful


    A peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplace

  • U.S. Securities Exchange Commission

    U.S. Securities Exchange Commission

    Federal government regulatory agency

and other leading blockchain companies.

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"At Mainframe, we tried using some of the more traditional job listing websites, but we just ended up with inboxes full of candidates that were not particularly experienced with, or passionate about Ethereum and decentralized finance. Cryptocurrency Jobs consistently provided us with high quality candidates that know the space."

– Ricky, COO, Mainframe

"Cryptocurrency Jobs is a no-brainer. All the talent in DeFi and Ethereum applies and recruits here. If you want a mess of applicants and misleading opportunities, you'll find them all on legacy recruiting platforms like AngelList, LinkedIn, and more."

– DeFi Dad, COO, Zapper

"We got a bunch of great candidates, including one that we hired, for a fraction of the cost of a recruiter. Very pleased!"

– Peter Watts, CTO, Props

"We used Cryptocurrency Jobs alongside a few other recruiting channels, and received a ton of high quality applicants through Cryptocurrency Jobs. We ended up making a hire within a few weeks. We'll definitely be using this again!"

– Jeff Kuan, Business Development Lead, Terra

"Cryptocurrency Jobs always has excellent customer service and they are a great source for getting top talent in the crypto and blockchain industry!"

– Hilmar Orth, Co-Founder, Gelato Network

"We have used Cryptocurrency jobs for all of our hiring with crypto-specific skillsets. Whenever we need someone with knowledge of the crypto industry, we always go to Cryptocurrency jobs to do our hiring, and the results have been fantastic!"

– David Hoffman, COO, RealT

"I've got to thank you for helping us with the job listings. We managed to hire amazing people!"

– Stefan Ionescu, CEO, Reflexer Labs

"Working with the Cryptocurrency Jobs team was easy and seamless. We were able to fill the position quickly and had a few rock solid candidates to choose from. As growth at Boson Protocol accelerates, we're counting on their quality sourcing for future positions!"

– Bruno Ahualli, Marketing Director, Boson Protocol

"As a non-public facing startup at the time of hiring, we found Cryptocurrency Jobs the best place to get in touch with capable and driven developers in the Ethereum space, and will certainly be posting jobs listings again in the future!"

– Alex Scott, Core Developer, mStable

"Our first tech team hire found us through Cryptocurrency Jobs. They were a great avenue for locating talent."

– Sidney Powell, Co-Founder & CEO, Maple

"Cryptocurrency Jobs has been instrumental in our hiring efforts at Set. At EthHub, we feature the top jobs listed on their website in the EthHub Weekly Newsletter each week because we believe it's the best place to find a new career for people wanting to jump into the crypto ecosystem."

– Anthony Sassano, Product Marketing Manager, Set

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