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Cryptocurrency Jobs is the leading job board for blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs. We help hundreds of companies grow their teams so they can create the best products and build our decentralized future. They've made the switch from legacy recruiting platforms. Join them.

Why Cryptocurrency Jobs?

Here's why we're different

We built Cryptocurrency Jobs because we believe decentralized, trustless, and transparent systems have the potential to make the world a better place. Building this future takes people: from developers and researchers to designers and writers.

High-quality candidates

100,000s of talented crypto-native people. We've helped companies hire engineers, designers, sales managers, marketers, customer support reps, operations specialists, and many others.

No hidden fees or tiered plans

We want you to stand out and reach as many candidates as possible. That's why your job posts on Cryptocurrency Jobs include every feature we offer.

Volume discounts

We offer volume discounts, up to 30%, on multiple job posts. A discount is automatically applied when you post your jobs. Custom hiring solutions available for businesses with high volume recruiting needs.

Dedicated support

Job boards are often faceless. We're invested in your success and are here to support you across time zones. Get responses from a human via email or social media.


Trusted by the people building our decentralized future

Simple, transparent pricing

Includes every feature we offer all-in-one, fixed price.

What's included

  • Job post is live for 30 days

  • Top placement on the front page

  • Top placement on filtered search results

  • Highlighted to stand out

  • Branded with your company logo

  • Multiple features in our newsletter

  • Multiple social media posts

  • Cross-listed in the EthHub newsletter*

  • Volume discounts: up to 30% off

  • No account or sign-up required

  • Crypto payment accepted

  • Dedicated support

  • Support a bootstrapped, independent company

*We cannot guarantee that your job post will be featured in our partner's newsletter. Editorial discretion.

$299 USD

Hiring is the most important thing you do. With 100,000+ monthly crypto job seekers, let us help you find your next great hire.

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Hundreds of companies use Cryptocurrency Jobs to grow their teams. Join them.

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