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The State of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Job Market in 2019

A volatile crypto market, high-profile layoffs, the creation of new blockchain jobs, the growth of DeFi, and increased awareness of Bitcoin.

Last year, the crypto job market felt different, but overall it was a good different. 2019 was characterized by a volatile cryptocurrency market, a succession of high-profile layoffs, but also the …

Introducing: Donate in Crypto

Help people in need around the world, and support the causes you care about. Make a donation in crypto to a nonprofit.

I’m excited by the promise and potential of blockchain technology to drive social impact and provide nonprofits with new sources of funding. Over the past few years, a few nonprofits have been …

How Much Do Blockchain Jobs Pay?

Blockchain salaries have risen to be among the highest in the tech industry. Know your worth and make more informed career decisions.

The demand for blockchain talent is still strong. Despite the bear market and recent industry layoffs, the number of blockchain job postings have been on the rise, and searches for roles involving …

The State of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Job Market in 2018

The most popular crypto roles, top cities for blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs, and how to get started in the industry.

Following the one year anniversary of Cryptocurrency Jobs, I put together a thread on Twitter about the state of the blockchain and cryptocurrency job market. This post is a modified version of that …