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Giving Web3 Workers More Financial Flexibility With Money Streams

By Matthew Chuen

When you work in crypto, it makes sense to get paid in crypto. After all, it’s fast, secure, and it enables you to immediately interact with a rich ecosystem of DeFi apps — allowing you to experience all of the benefits web3 has to offer. But if you work in crypto, it makes even more sense to …

How to Write a Job Description

By Nick Zurick

It’s important to write an engaging job description because it’s one of the first interactions a candidate has with your brand. We strongly encourage hiring managers to write JD’s as it is an exercise of writing down exactly what you’re looking for, what you need and what is …

Five Years of Cryptocurrency Jobs and a New Partnership

By Cryptocurrency Jobs

Last week, Cryptocurrency Jobs turned five. As part of this milestone, I want to reflect on how and why Cryptocurrency Jobs came to be, what’s changed over the years, and share what’s next. I began my journey in this space through the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies course. …

EPNS and Cryptocurrency Jobs partner to bring notifications for users

By Cryptocurrency Jobs

Cryptocurrency Jobs, the leading job board for blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs, and EPNS are teaming up to bring decentralized push notifications for users. The Cryptocurrency Jobs community will now be able to receive notifications of new job opportunities through EPNS. Cryptocurrency Jobs: The …

Four Years of Cryptocurrency Jobs

By Cryptocurrency Jobs

A few weeks ago, Cryptocurrency Jobs turned four. As part of this milestone, I want to reflect on how and why Cryptocurrency Jobs came to be, what’s changed over the years, and talk about what’s next as we all look towards the future of this space. I launched Cryptocurrency Jobs in …

Hi, I'm Daniel, the Founder of Cryptocurrency Jobs. Ask Me Anything.

By Cryptocurrency Jobs

On Saturday, July 31st, I did a 2 hour AMA in The Daily Gwei Discord channel hosted by Anthony Sassano. The AMA transcript below has been lightly edited for readability. Many thanks to Anthony for organising and The Daily Gwei community for participating and contributing to a great conversation. Q: …

The State of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Job Market in 2019

By Cryptocurrency Jobs

Last year, the crypto job market felt different, but overall it was a good different. 2019 was characterized by a volatile cryptocurrency market, a succession of high-profile layoffs, but also the creation of new blockchain jobs, the growth of Decentralized Finance, and increased awareness of …

Introducing: Donate in Crypto

By Cryptocurrency Jobs

I’m excited by the promise and potential of blockchain technology to drive social impact and provide nonprofits with new sources of funding. Over the past few years, a few nonprofits have been early adopters and accepted donations in cryptocurrency. Save the Children was one of the first …

Jack Dorsey Announces Open-Source Initiative to Fund Bitcoin/Crypto Contributors

By Cryptocurrency Jobs

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square and Twitter, announced on Wednesday in a series of tweets, Square Crypto, an open source initiative that will work towards building out the bitcoin/crypto ecosystem. As part of the new initiative, Square Crypto is hiring three to four developers and a designer to work …

How Much Do Blockchain Jobs Pay?

By Cryptocurrency Jobs

The demand for blockchain talent is still strong. Despite the bear market and recent industry layoffs, the number of blockchain job postings have been on the rise, and searches for roles involving Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain, and cryptocurrency have increased. Startups are offering top …

The State of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Job Market in 2018

By Cryptocurrency Jobs

Following the one year anniversary of Cryptocurrency Jobs, I put together a thread on Twitter about the state of the blockchain and cryptocurrency job market. This post is a modified version of that thread. Blockchain and crypto jobs are in great demand despite prices being down from their all time …

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