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A R&D firm dedicated to making blockchain technology accessible to mainstream users


Blockswap Labs is a research & development firm dedicated to making blockchain technology accessible to mainstream users. We build a permissionless middle layer for Web3 and PoS blockchain adoption, catalyzing crypto asset adoption for the masses. As core contributors to the Blockswap Network and Proof of Neutrality Network, we are committed to building credibly neutral public benefit infrastructure that brings Ethereum Proof of Stake benefits to a wide range of users and protocols.

Our team relentlessly pushes boundaries to address complex challenges in Ethereum and its Rollup Ecosystem for DeFi and Web 3. We have delivered groundbreaking solutions such as 60-second ETH trustless staking, MPC for keyless recovery for Ethereum Validators, and Liquid Staking Derivatives Networks as a service, enabling anyone to gain ownership of Ethereum Staking benefits with minimal barriers to entry without compromising the decentralization ethos.

Our diverse and globally distributed team has introduced cutting-edge technologies such as bridgeless multichain ERC20, MEV PBS implementation, Encrypted Mempool, ZK Fraud-proof Routers, and MPC as a service. As strong advocates for a Rollup-centric future of Ethereum, we adopt a security-first approach, ensuring formal verification for all our protocol developments.

Founded by accomplished engineers with deep expertise in distributed computing and Smart Contracts, Blockswap Labs is passionately devoted to creating a decentralized future.

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