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We are a leading POS node operator, securing +45 blockchains, with $400M AUM


Imperator.co is a leading proof-of-stake node operator, securing over 40 blockchains, including Cosmos, Ethereum, and Sui, with more than $500M in assets staked. Serving a global customer base of 150,000+, we specialize in Data Engineering, supporting Cosmos infrastructure. Trusted by dYdX, Osmosis, Axelar, Coingecko, and others, we contribute to major protocols’ operations.

Imperator.co proudly collaborates with dYdX, contributing as a key team running the indexer for dYdX v4. Our role is critical in ensuring traders have access to accurate, real-time asset pricing and trading data. Our goal is to empower and educate, making the Cosmos ecosystem more accessible. We provide people with extensive research papers, founders interview, weekly newsletter.

Our commitment extends to diverse professional services, including expert consultation in areas such as tokenomics, marketing, strategy, and infrastructure. We offer technical support, tailored staking services for institutional clients, and white-labeling solutions.

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