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Ecosystem Governance Architect

Who We Are

We are Atlas Axis, a startup venture incubated by MakerDAO.

As one of the earliest DAOs on Ethereum, MakerDAO was launched in 2014 and became the first DeFi application to earn significant adoption. Today, MakerDAO is the longest-running protocol on Ethereum with a TVL of over $7 billion.

To achieve a resilient, decentralized and unbiased world currency, Maker is undergoing a radical structural, organizational and cultural transformation which it has dubbed “Endgame.” The heart of Endgame is the Atlas, the massive, AI-enhanced governance ruleset powering the entire Maker ecosystem.

Atlas Axis has been entrusted with developing the Atlas. We are driving toward a vision of decentralized governance that is not only ambitious, but stands to create transformative social change.

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Taking on this role makes you a key architect of the Atlas.

As a founding team member of Atlas Axis, you will steward all aspects of the end-to-end workflow, including conducting original research; preparing raw data in various forms for integration into the Atlas; setting up and continually refining Atlas core infrastructure and meta-rules; coordinating workstreams with numerous ecosystem stakeholders such as Alignment Conservers, community members, drafters and domain experts; and drafting, validating and harmonizing Atlas data.

We are in the early stages of this experiment. The ideal candidate has to be excited about venturing into the messy unknown and shaping the future of self-governance at MakerDAO and beyond.


  • You should be familiar with the Atlas (gen1, starting here) and MakerDAO. We are willing to make an exception for people who are very quick learners and possess all other qualifications. If you lack familiarity with Maker, significant experience with community-driven organizations (Web3, decentralized or otherwise) would be a differentiator.
  • Sharp thinker, logical and creative. We’re grinding through mountains of data and need intense focus to navigate the multiple interconnections among data points.
  • Obsessive about learning and tackling complex problems.
  • Strong organizational skills. Meticulous, detail-oriented. A sixth sense for “things being out of order”.
  • Exceptional ability to read, analyze and synthesize large volumes of information. Adept at pattern recognition. Strong working memory a must.
  • Excellent communication skills in English. In particular, you must write rather quickly (not counting chatGPT). We are a writing-heavy team and we ourselves are learning the Atlas as we build it. This means we have to hash out, in text, fine-grained arguments with one another.
  • You must be familiar with wringing meaning out of precise facets of language. Working with the Atlas, you’ll find that seemingly insignificant changes to syntax can transform the logic of a provision. Hopefully, you find this exciting.
  • Notion! We’re building out our entire workflow in Notion, so you’ve got to be comfy using it.
  • Self-starter, with meaningful operations experience. What this means is that you observe and listen deeply so that you can “read between the lines.” We can have a sync, and you can go away with confidence to get from point A to Z with minimal additional direction. You can discern what is needed.
  • Non-binary thinker. The Atlas presents innumerable, complex legal and ethical issues that cannot be grasped with black-or-white thinking.
  • You’re a proud generalist. No hesitation to wear whatever hat is needed. You’ll be working toward the moonshot with us, but the day to day will involve admin; research; stakeholder coordination; workflow optimization; data input, creation and review; preparation of documentation; etc.
  • Culture is key. We look for highly capable colleagues, but also kindness. We look for people who feel sincere love for the mission, people who want to build for a future whose full bloom they will not live to see.

Additional Role Specs

  • This founding team role is a contract engagement whose demands will require full-time focus.
  • The application process may proceed to a timed work test (compensated), and the most promising candidate(s) will be initially onboarded on a trial basis. If the trial period is successful, the candidate(s) would then join our team on an ongoing basis, contingent as always on standards/expectations continuing to be met.
  • We are looking for colleagues who are ready and excited to build with us, shoulder-to-shoulder, for the next two-plus years. This is not the right position for those looking for short-term opportunities.


We offer highly competitive compensation (DAI and MKR), with bonus potential. If you are the right person, there is incredible potential to grow with us.

Next Steps

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In your application, you will be asked to provide links to your work product that specifically showcases your fit for this role.

You can submit writing samples (essay, research paper) that demonstrate your capacities in fine-grained analysis and reasoning. You can submit a portfolio of your projects or past work experiences; please include a description of your specific role and contributions to each project. Your application will not be considered without work-product samples, portfolio, or similar.

Thanks much for your interest!

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Apply now

Please let MakerDAO know you found this position on Cryptocurrency Jobs as a way to support us so we can keep providing you with quality crypto jobs.

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