This Week in Cryptocurrency Jobs: Issue 366

This week's issue features 127 new jobs at PleasrDAO, Syndicate, Bitwise, Integral, ZenGo, Terra, APWine and others, and a profile on Greenwood Labs.

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This week I highlight Greenwood Labs.

The majority of protocols in the DeFi industry focus on making money for crypto lenders. Greenwood is on a mission to save money for crypto borrowers.

Greenwood is DeFi’s first borrowing aggregator. Their protocol reduces the interest that crypto borrowers pay on their loans by originating loans with the least expensive lending protocol, and automatically refinancing loans when a lower interest rate is available.

The team is backed by some of the world’s best investors and operators – Polychain Capital, Blockchain Capital, Robot Ventures, and strategic angel investors.


Shoutout: Congrats to our friends at EPNS on their Ethereum mainnet launch.


Why Web3? Its core values of decentralization, innovation, fairness, and experimentation drive the space, and it’s exactly that which excites me. More specifically, the open source and transparent nature of Web3.
Julien Gaillard, Head of Data Science at Aave

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