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Phala Network Ambassador

About Phala Network

Phala Network is the Execution Layer for Web3 AI. By enabling AI to understand and interact with blockchains, developers can now build, launch, use, and profit on their agents with security and privacy guarantees by default. Learn how Phala’s AI Agent Contract can provide the perfect toolset to build intelligent applications. Find out more about Phala Network at: https://docs.phala.network/.

Role Overview:

As a Phala Network ambassador, you will be the face and voice of our community, driving community engagement, driving mass adoption, spreading Phala’s brand awareness, and fostering a strong, interconnected network of enthusiasts and developers. You will play a crucial role in educating the public, organizing events, and growing our online presence.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Community Engagement
    • Online Community Moderation: Closely monitor Phala’s online community channels to ensure adherence to community guidelines and foster a respectful and positive environment; Install necessary bots based on the needs of the community; Address and resolve conflicts or issues that arise within the community swiftly and diplomatically.
    • Translation: Phala Network has a global audience with community members who speak different languages. Translating documents ensures that non-English speaking members can access, understand, and engage with Phala.
  • Marketing
    • Plan & Organize Phala Online Events: Design and plan online events such as virtual meetups, workshops, AMAs, etc.; Promote events through social media, newsletters, etc.; Host and moderate online events, ensuring a professional and engaging experience for attendees.
    • Plan & Organize Phala Offline Events: Organize offline events such as meetups, networking sessions, university meetups, community gatherings, etc. Promote events independently or/and with the Phala team; Manage on-site logistics and ensure a welcome and inclusive atmosphere at all events; Collect and analyze feedback from event participants to measure success.
  • Content Creation
    • Develop and share engaging content, including blog posts, newsletters, social media updates, videos, and tutorials to keep the community informed and engaged; Collaborate with the marketing team to align content strategies and promote relevant updates.
    • Produce illustrations, AI art, graphics, animations and other forms of visual art for various platforms such as social media, marketing materials and events; Create original artwork which is consistent with Phala’s brand guidelines and overall visual identity.
  • Business Development
    • Partner Outreach and Relationship Building: identify, develop and maintain strong, long-term relationships with potential Phala partners to foster collaboration and mutual growth.
    • Work closely with Phala’s Business Development team to identify the target market, use scoring techniques to assess the quality of each lead; Build pipelines for potential project leads and define clear stages in the pipeline and move leads through these stages systematically; Ensure a seamless handoff of qualified leads to the appropriate internal teams for further engagement.
  • Tech Ambassadors
    • Work closely with Phala’s DevRel team to develop use cases of Phala’s AI Agent Contract.
    • Help integrate Phala’s Agent Wars on some other platforms such as Frame on Farcaster.
    • Perform others tasks assigned


  • Blockchain Proficiency: Deep understanding of blockchain technology, focusing on web3 and AI applications.
  • Professional Expertise: Your expertise in communication, strategizing, problem-solving and execution.
  • Commitment: Your dedication to understanding Phala project, its products and marketing strategies, your engagement with the Phala community and promoting Phala’s values and initiatives, as well as your commitment to advocating for Phala’s adoption and growth.
  • Influence: Your presence and influence within various Web3 communities and ecosystems; Ambassadors with great presence and influence within Etheruem or/and Solona ecosystems, or within various AI projects will be considered first.

Application Process:

  • Fill out Phala Ambassador Application Form: https://bit.ly/AmbsApp
  • Successful candidates will be contacted by email for the interview.
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Please let Phala Network know you found this position on Cryptocurrency Jobs as a way to support us so we can keep providing you with quality crypto jobs.

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