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Tokenizing real estate asset as ERC20 tokens on Ethereum and DeFi

Smart Contract Engineer

Smart Contract Engineer

Florida on-site preferred, remote is possible.

  • Engineering
  • Full-Time
  • $90K - $125K

RealT is building the future of real estate investment. We’re leveraging the Ethererum blockchain to provide investors from all over the world with easy access to fractional, and liquid real estate investment opportunities that promise to revolutionize and democratize the way we build wealth. And we’re growing fast.

You will be joining a highly energetic team that values collaboration, creativity, and a proactive approach to solving problems. As first-movers in our space, we value your ability to build solid production code on a timeline, but we also need your ability to think on your feet. If you’re the kind of dev who can self-direct within a team tackling multiple evolving projects, RealT is a place you can thrive!

Simply put, this role will be the lead behind putting tokenized real estate assets inside of MakerDAO, as well as many other DeFi protocols on Ethereum. We have the right specification and plan to achieve this goal, and we need an competent engineer to execute this vision.


  • Collaborate and advise on the design of a system of smart-contracts that enable RealT’s next iterations of its product.
  • Reduce and eliminate the frictions of the experience of using an Ethereum wallet to hold and mange real estate assets.
  • Communicate with various DeFi projects and companies to promote the integration of RealTokens inside other Ethereum applications.


1+ years in the following:

  • Solidity engineering
  • Best-practices in user-funds management. Understanding and controlling for various exploits and attack surfaces
  • Up-to-date knowledge with the current landscape of Ethereum wallets and asset management systems

Further compensation available if you have the following experience:

  • Node JS & Express JS
  • AWS
  • Angular 8
  • React

Even Better If You:

  • Are familiar with crypto-economic protocol design, including systems that manage and deploy user funds.
  • Experience/knowledge working with price-oracles.
  • Have launched microservices on AWS.
  • Have familiarity with at least one modern JavaScript framework (Angular 8, React, etc.).

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