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Smart Contract Engineer - Ethereum, Solidity

About Clearmatics

Clearmatics is a blockchain protocol engineering company that builds decentralised financial market infrastructures that are more open, efficient, and resilient than those serving legacy market structures of today.

We have a bold vision for this new market infrastructure - enabling market participants to solve currently unaddressed problems of the real economy, including “missing markets” problems. We aim to achieve our vision through technologies that allow peer-to-peer trading and settlement within new markets, and with digital assets whose values track real-world risk factors that currently have no suitable expression in legacy markets.

No matter the nature of a risk factor, whether macro-economic or climactic, our mission is to make important risk factors tradable; by anyone, anywhere, without reliance on financial intermediaries. We are building this new infrastructure in collaboration with incredible trading and blockchain communities.

Clearmatics was founded in 2015, and we have ever since been committed advocates of Open Source development, and active participants in the blockchain and cryptography research communities. We’ve also been an active participant and supporter of decentralized infrastructure initiatives.

We’re looking to hire a Smart Contract Engineer to expand our Layer 1 Engineering team.

Our stack is Ethereum-like, so familiarity with – and passion for – the space is key.

Some of the areas we tackle include blockchain infrastructure optimised for financial use-cases, protocols for specific applications (such as smart contract-based derivatives, synthetic assets, cryptocurrency stabilization, …), scalability and privacy through cryptography (zkSNARKs, multiparty computation, private transactions/assets).

Currently the Clearmatics team is heavily involved as the Launch Partner for the Autonity Project. Autonity is an EVM based public blockchain for decentralised derivatives clearing. You can learn more about the Autonity project and its ongoing testnet games through the links below.


You will develop and maintain decentralised financial smart contracts on Autonity that will enable the creation of decentralised risk markets in real-world risk factors.

This will involve working on a wide range of problems including smart derivatives, DEX trading & settlement protocols, algorithmic stabilisation, data oracles, liquid staking, and more.

Working alongside quantitative researchers and protocol engineers, you will transform research models and prototypes into production-grade Solidity code. You will also collaborate with Autonity core developers on enhancing L1 protocol contracts and integrating new functionality into the Autonity Go Client.


  • 4+ years professional experience in software engineering
  • 2+ years smart contract programming experience in Solidity
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related technical field
  • Strong knowledge of Eth1 protocols and proof of stake consensus
  • An understanding of the DeFi landscape and major DeFi primitives
  • Proficiency in Python programming and web3.py Ethereum development
  • Experience interfacing with data oracles and P2P data stores (e.g. IPFS)
  • Experience working with third party smart contract auditors
  • Contributed code to open-source projects in the Web3 space

Bonus points

  • Experience designing, researching, or implementing Web3 protocols
  • Proficiency with the Python scientific computing stack (NumPy, Pandas, Jupyter)

Our compensation is blockchain competitive and dependent on your skills & experience.

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Please let Clearmatics know you found this position on Cryptocurrency Jobs as a way to support us so we can keep providing you with quality crypto jobs.

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