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Tech Lead

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At RabbitHole, we’re on a mission to increase economic opportunity for all by making the benefits of crypto more accessible and meritocratic.

If the last generation of software was built upon a foundation of user-generated content owned by companies, the next generation of software will be digitally owned by its users. At its core, crypto holds the potential to create positive social change through the wider distribution of wealth-building assets.

Today, RabbitHole guides users through web3 with hands-on learning opportunities and rewards them for proving their knowledge through on-chain transactions. As users complete on-chain actions through RabbitHole Skills, they build their immutable resumé, unlocking even more potential earning opportunities through Quests on RabbitHole. In the future, RabbitHole will match the best talent with the best protocols based on their on-chain resume, helping both protocols distribute their tokens more efficiently and top contributors to earn more income.

RabbitHole raised $18M in a Series A from investors like Greylock, TCG, Electric Capital, and more. The best crypto protocols like Uniswap, Lido, and Gnosis use RabbitHole to teach hundreds of thousands of users how to use their protocols and reward them in their tokens for completing on-chain actions. RabbitHole’s deep crypto experience from companies like Dapper Labs, Ceramic, and OpenSea gives the team an edge in knowing what to teach newcomers. The world of crypto can seem confusing, challenging, and down-right predatory. RabbitHole exists to guide people through the noise and build confidence in their skills. Because we know: the deeper you go, the brighter it gets.

We are looking for a technical leader who can help make the RabbitHole vision a reality. This will be a hands-on role that will involve technical planning and strategy, architectural decision making, mentorship and teaching, pair programming, research and code review. Successful candidates should have experience leading software engineer projects and teams, and collaborating closely with product managers, designers and other non-engineering stakeholders.

What you’ll do:

  • Build and execute on a roadmap and strategy that establishes RabbitHole as a leader in crypto education, working alongside design and product counterparts
  • Thoroughly understand the product, codebase and its technical and architectural history. You will use that understanding to help other engineers build proficiency and expertise
  • Get your hands dirty and work across all phases of the software development lifecycle (planning, design, implementation, deployment, operations, and support).
  • Thoroughly understand the technical context in which we are operating - both the blockchain infrastructure we are building upon and the general development stack to delight our users - and use that knowledge to support technical and architectural decision making
  • Be accountable for optimizing and solidifying performance, security and stability throughout our codebase and its many dependencies, and support your colleagues in doing the same
  • Guide and support colleagues who are working to build delightful user experiences and interfaces that will define the way users educate themselves about crypto and how protocols find high quality users
  • Give feedback and advice to others who are making plans and technical decisions
  • Pair program with engineers who are working on our hardest technical challenges
  • Provide technical mentorship to both junior and senior engineers
  • Improve RabbitHole through effective review of pull requests, triaging and analysis of issues, auditing and refactoring the codebase, improving the deployment process, and testing
  • Proactively contribute to team discussions about UX design, technical issues, sprint and roadmap planning, and improving team processes
  • Develop mission critical SLAs to communicate regularly to business

What we’re looking for:

  • Interest in web3, learning about decentralized technology or a passion for our mission of increasing access to economic opportunity
  • Experience leading development on a team of engineers, including familiarity with operating processes such as sprint planning & agile processes
  • Demonstrated ability to identify, attract, retain and develop world-class talent
  • Experience working with React, TypeScript, NextJS, GraphQL, Ruby on Rails, Solidity, and other modern development frameworks
  • Demonstrated interest or experience with blockchain related development and web3 technologies through any of the following: work experience, hackathons, open source work, personal projects, or similar experiences
  • Self-starter who easily finds areas to contribute and add value in a remote environment
  • Proficient and thoughtful with asynchronous and synchronous communication, giving and receiving feedback, and working independently and with a team
  • Demonstrated success working within a fully remote environment
  • Respect, patience, and empathy to every interaction and relationship with coworkers and the community
  • Hustle, enthusiasm, heart and a love of shipping code and fixing bugs to your work
  • Ability to have four minimum hours of overlap with US-based timezones

Bonus Points

  • Experience building full stack crypto applications at scale that integrate with web3 APIs, smart contracts and node infrastructure
  • Experience working and implementing design systems
  • Experience architecting or working with an indexer to query data from blockchain nodes
  • Previous hands-on experience with security and cryptography
  • Thorough understanding of Ethereum and other blockchain technology
  • Prior experience building and scaling consumer-facing applications
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Please let RabbitHole know you found this position on Cryptocurrency Jobs as a way to support us so we can keep providing you with quality crypto jobs.

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