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Frontend Web3 Developer

What is the idOS?

The idOS network is the decentralized, self-sovereign, compliant identity layer of web3. We make KYC credentials as movable as tokens, across different chains and ecosystems. We’re in production with a few select partners, and are currently pushing towards v1 just in time for the next mass adoption cycle.

The core of idOS is a permissioned blockchain deployment (based on Kwil), running extensions (written in Golang) that connect to several blockchains (EVMs, NEAR, and more to come). We also develop a TypeScript SDK to make integration as effortless as possible.

Some of our current tech challenges are:

  • expanding support across even more chains (more EVMs, Solana, etc)
  • making idOS even easier to understand and integrate, ideally by removing as many clicks and function calls as possible
  • deployment of novel encryption and zk tech towards bolstering user privacy and easing development experience

Role and responsibilities

  • Build dependable and beautiful frontends across the idOS stack: our Data Dashboard, the Secure Enclave, product demos, and more.
  • Write reliable SDKs enabling developers to seamlessly interact with the idOS and provide users with a magical experience.
  • Contribute to our developer documentation and tooling to make idOS integration the smoothest developer experience in web3.
  • Create applications showing off the full potential of the idOS.
  • Drive idOS innovation by staying abreast of new trends, patterns, and tools we can use to keep our applications secure and on the bleeding edge.
  • Communicate effectively, clearly articulate ideas, and engage productively with us to help us make better decisions.
  • Clearly and frequently communicate progress and concerns in an actionable manner.
  • Work in a highly collaborative open source ecosystem, writing and reviewing understandable code we can be proud of.
  • Help our integrators succeed by helping them with integration architecture and technical support. Our success comes from their success.


  • You have 5+ years of professional experience with TypeScript. You feel at home in type-land, and you still remember the relevant JS quirks.
  • You have 3+ years of professional web3 experience using libraries such as web3.js, ethers, or viem. You don’t get confused when thinking about the differences between a Wallet, a Provider, and a Signer.
  • You know just enough backend. You know enough to be dangerous and have a productive discussion on “how should we HTTP” with backend folks.
  • You are detail oriented and UX-focused. Every click matters.
  • You have a natural tendency to write good code, but you also understand that “good code” is a matter of aesthetics, familiarity, and style.
  • You’re able to work autonomously from research and speccing, to deployment and monitoring; you thrive in taking greater ownership and responsibility.
  • You are proactive and take action by default, consistently driving progress without asking for permission too much. You make others aware of how, when, where, and why you’re cowboying.
  • You know how to identify that a task is starting to overrun its original scope/budget, and know when to back off from rabbit holes.
  • You are fluent in spoken and written English. Remote comms are already hard enough.
  • You have experience using web3 apps and tools such as Uniswap, Aave, or MetaMask.
  • You are familiar with basic cryptography, and curious about harder cryptography.
  • You’re somewhere within UTC±3.
  • You can provide a reference for a call.
  • You have experience building and documenting APIs, SDKs, and other developer-directed products. You’d be comfortable writing a draft for an EIP and work with community feedback.
  • You challenge people’s opinions and direction, but know the value of “disagree and commit”.
  • You’re excited about blockchain technology, cryptoeconomics, game theory, and decentralization. It’s not about shitcoins, it’s about real products for real people.

Nice to have

  • Experience with identity and authentication tech helps a lot. OpenID, OAuth, WebAuthN, Passkeys, U2F, LDAP, SAML, etc; any of these will be useful.
  • Experience with non-EVM blockchains.

Techs we use

  • JavaScript/TypeScript (a lot; frontend and backend), Golang (a moderate amount, for chain extensions), Rust and Solidity (for smart contracts)
  • React, Vite, Cypress
  • ethers.js and viem
  • PostgreSQL
  • Vercel and AWS

What we offer

  • A salary range of €80k to €120k
  • A negotiable token allocation
  • Contribute to a fully open-source project
  • Fully-remote work with flexible working hours
  • Look back and know you’ve helped build the future of web3 identity
  • Work together with folks with 8+ years of blockchain experience
  • Build relationships with top partner teams: Gnosis Pay, Aleph Zero, NEAR, Kilt and more

Application process

  1. A ~45min video call with one or more of our team members, where we get to know each other and ask some questions to assess if there’s a mutual fit.
  2. A ~2h video call with one or more of our team members, where we dive deeper into technology, people and processes.

Please understand we will politely ask to end the call as soon as we realize you’re not the person we’re looking for, since pretending otherwise is a waste of your and our time.

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Apply now

Please let idOS know you found this position on Cryptocurrency Jobs as a way to support us so we can keep providing you with quality crypto jobs.

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