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Junior Software Developer (AI, Blockchain)

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Who We Are

We’re ElevenYellow, a software laboratory for high risk/high reward ideas. We believe in a different way of work and play. We’re a software development studio that’s been launching dozens of SaaS products 100% remotely, from social media to AI art, since 2013.

The “we” is a team of 30+ people scattered across 15 countries, from Singapore to Chile, passing through Amsterdam. Most of us are based in Spain and Portugal though.

We are capitalists about how we make money and collectivists about what to do with it. When something works, most of the resources are used to keep everything afloat.

Most people that joined ElevenYellow have never left.

Who We Are Looking For

We’re looking for junior developer(s) who want to keep learning and building interesting new projects with the latest technologies with us.

The ideal profile we are looking for is someone who can present their own extracurricular tech projects.

How We Work

We create bootstrapped software that operates in areas with more risk than average, using as little resources as possible.

We never use external capital, so our resources are always at play. This forces us to be scrappy and smart about what we build and how we build it.

We don’t like to play by Silicon Valley’s rules - we like the kind of businesses that no one has heard of, that don’t raise mega rounds and don’t make noise.

We look for outsized returns in areas where most players would be cautious to invest in. Our most recent project is Botto.com, a decentralized autonomous artist.

ElevenYellow Games

Every six months we have our Winter or Summer games - a hackathon where all the company gets together to build quick 1-week projects. In our last hackathon we’ve built 6 new projects amongst which are:

  • Morelli.ai: a tool that checks images if they are human made or AI-generated
  • Whop.ai: tweet generator that optimizes tweets for engagement
  • Viewing.co: an automated and AI-powered content network

We support our way of living and working by collaborating with places such as Anceu Coliving in Galicia, Spain.

All members of ElevenYellow have a possibility to spend a month in Anceu or in our clubhouse in Lisbon. Most of our team met up in these two places to build the hackathon projects.

Our tech & day-to-day work

  • We like working with Javascript, Typescript, MySQL, MongoDB and Redis
  • We use frameworks like Meteor.js and Next.js where we feel comfortable, but we are always open to trying new technologies.
  • We predominantly communicate over Slack, making little use of email internally. Github is our repo of choice and we track progress via weekly calls that last approximately 20 minutes.
  • We encourage discussion and debate, but place tremendous value on pragmatism and optimizing for output.

You are a great fit if:

  • You are a talented, motivated person, interested in Blockchain, AI, and the newest technologies in general
  • You have explored new technologies and built projects of your own while studying
  • You take ownership of your work
  • You have creative problem solving skills with analytical mindset

Our perks

  • Work Remotely
  • Annual Retreats
  • Competitive Salary (remuneration depends on experience. Generally speaking, we pay juniors $1800-$2500/month)
  • Coworking (monthly, up to $200)
  • Health Insurance Coverage (monthly, up to $200)
  • Self Improvement Budget (monthly, up to $80)
  • Gym Membership (Monthly, up to $80)

Now, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Send an email to
  2. Mention why you think you’re a good fit for us
  3. Describe your academic/work highlights (highs and lows, best/worst projects, etc)
  4. Add your portfolio / things that you think define your work
  5. LinkedIn / CV stuff if you think it’s necessary

We believe applications should be human and conversational. We’d mostly appreciate it if you told us who you were and what you wanted to do in life, both personally and professionally. Of course, please only disclose what you’re comfortable with. And not to forget! We’re an equal opportunity employer and we encourage everyone to apply. We respect genders, ethnicities, boundaries, friendships, and the human aspect of work.

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Please let ElevenYellow know you found this position on Cryptocurrency Jobs as a way to support us so we can keep providing you with quality crypto jobs.

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