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We're ElevenYellow, a software laboratory for high risk/high reward ideas


We’re ElevenYellow, a software laboratory for high risk/high reward ideas. We believe in a different way of work and play. We’re a software development studio that’s been launching dozens of SaaS products 100% remotely, from social media to AI art, since 2013.

The “we” is a team of 30+ people scattered across 15 countries, from Singapore to Chile, passing through Amsterdam. Most of us are based in Spain and Portugal though.

We are capitalists about how we make money and collectivists about what to do with it. When something works, most of the resources are used to keep everything afloat.

Most people that joined ElevenYellow have never left.

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Junior Software Developer (AI, Blockchain)

Rust Developer

Solidity Developer

Solidity Engineer


Digital Marketing Specialist

Head of Marketing

omfg we need marketer

Plz manage community thx

Token Marketing Manager


Finance & Accounting Assistant

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