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Sigma Prime

Information security specialists & founders of Lighthouse

Blockchain Rust Developer

Sigma Prime is hiring a software engineer, who has prior experience with the Rust programming language, to develop open-source software.

The Company

Sigma Prime is a boutique information security firm who provide specialist blockchain expertise. We are a team of developers, researchers, and security engineers who have come together with the purpose of building a secure and decentralised world.

Ethereum has been a focus of ours since 2015, and we have provided security reviews, design consultancy, and niche development services to clients both locally and internationally.

Our latest project, Lighthouse, is an Ethereum 2.0 client built using Rust. The project is already established and development has begun; the open-source repository can be found at We are honoured to have received a grant from the Ethereum Foundation that enables us to expand our development capabilities.

The Role

We are looking to expand our core team by hiring a software engineer who shares our passion for decentralised systems, and whose development skills complement those of our team.

You may fit the role if you:

  • Are experienced in developing applications using Rust. i.e. you’re able to implement complex functions in idiomatic Rust.
  • Possess a keen interest in information security.
  • Have a practical knowledge of cryptographic signature schemes.
  • Are passionate about Ethereum, proof-of-stake blockchains, and/or decentralised systems.

This role is for a junior developer whose primary objective will be to contribute towards development of the Lighthouse project. Secondary objectives of the role include supporting Sigma Prime’s information security offerings, for example by developing security analysis tools and performing offensive security assessments.

The ideal candidate would be an Ethereum enthusiast with experience in smart contract development, who is looking to become a contributor to software at the core of the Ethereum ecosystem. The primary focus of this role would involve direct interaction with the Ethereum Foundation research team.


Sigma Prime is based in Sydney, Australia, and while local candidates are preferred, remote work is an essential part of our company culture. Those who work remotely still form an integral part of the team.

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