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Reflexer Labs

Reflexer Labs

Low volatility collateral for DeFi

Backend Javascript & Web3 Developer

Who we are

Reflexer Labs is building RAI the “reflex bond”, a volatility-dampened synthetic instrument backed by ETH. We are decentralized money fanatics on a mission to create a stable and secure foundation for the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem. Our objective for RAI is to be a widely used collateral type for other DeFi projects, including crypto-dollars. By imbuing RAI with autonomy and minimizing governance, we aspire to build a financial system that outlives us—a money god.

Who you are

Reflexer Labs is a tiny new startup, so we’re looking for someone who’s willing to get their hands dirty and occasionally go above and beyond what their job description says on paper. Our ideal candidate is:

  • Money-positive
  • DeFi enthusiast, familiar with MakerDAO
  • Independent, organized, and accountable
  • Security-minded
  • A team player

Pro Tip

Tell us about a specific project where you worked with web3.js or ethers.js. What problem did you have to solve? How did you approach the task?


  • Setup a subgraph (using The Graph protocol) to cache smart contract data off-chain
  • Write & test the rai.js library to interact with RAI smart contracts
  • Write & maintain the rai.js documentation for our own UI & for third-party developers
  • Build internal admin tools to assist with deployment, monitoring, logging etc


  • 2+ years professional web3 dev experience
  • 5+ years professional dev experience
  • Expert level JS/Node/Typescript
  • Professional SQL experience (not just ORM)
  • Experience maintaining open-source JS libraries


For the initial team members, salary compensation is expected to be slightly below market rate with long-term incentive alignment coming from a generous vesting allocation.

  • $100-120K+ per year
  • 1-2% equity

Reflexer Labs website