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Web3 Full-Stack Engineer (React, Redux, TypeScript)

We are looking for a web3 full-stack engineer to help us implement (PolkaBTC). The PolkaBTC bridge allows using Bitcoin on Polkadot - trustless and decentralized. The bridge will serve as the main gateway for bringing BTC into Polkadot’s growing DeFi ecosystem. The design is based on top tier academic research and the implementation follows our (detailed specification). The project is funded by a (Web3 Foundation grant).

Your task will be to build and improve the (web-based UI) as well as the (polkabtc-js) library. The app is using React, Tedux, and TypeScript, while the library is pure TypeScript. Our code is open-source and you are invited to contribute to other open-source projects while you work at Interlay.

You will need to have an excellent understanding of React and TypeScript best practices and experience with writing production-ready software (incl. E2E testing). Experience with development in blockchain-based environments is strongly encouraged, as you will need an understanding of the underlying technology to build user flows and simplify interactions without loss of security. Knowledge of standardized and responsive CSS frameworks, such as Bootstrap, is beneficial.

Full-time and preferably based in the UK.

What you will do

  • Build, maintain, and improve a react, redux and typescript web-based UI for PolkaBTC - the trustless Bitcoin to Polkadot bridge
  • Maintain and improve a typescript library to interact with PolkaBTC
  • Integrate unit and integration tests for the UI and library with the underlying (Substrate-based) blockchain
  • Connect to blockchains wallets (e.g. Ledger) for Bitcoin and Polkadot
  • Help design simple user flows for complex technical processes
  • Contribute to other open-source projects that we integrate with
  • Work in close collaboration with the team on preparing product demos

What you bring

  • Expertise in React, Redux and TypeScript
  • Experience in creating and deploying usable, production-ready applications
  • Passion for secure and well-tested software
  • Desire to learn and work with bleeding-edge technology
  • Drive to automate all testing
  • BSc/MSc degree in Computer Science or a related field, or equivalent experience

“Nice to have”

  • Track record of development in blockchain-based environments (Bitcoin/Ethereum/Polkadot/Substrate/Cosmos/…)
  • Experience with Docker
  • Interest in programming with Rust
  • Interested in web3 technologies (smart contracts, ipfs …)

Benefits and Perks

  • Stock options
  • Remote working
  • Flexible working hours
  • Yearly retreat
  • Open-source software

How to Apply

Send resume to [email protected].

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