Security Researcher and Engineer (Smart Contracts)

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HashCloak Inc is a R&D lab and consultancy focused on privacy, anonymity and scalability for blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Founded in 2019, our team is well-known for working on state of the art Ethereum projects such as Ethereum 2.0, Shyft Network and Althea, for pioneering optimistic rollups and bringing forth the first empirical analysis of Ethereum’s privacy guarantees and applications.

At HashCloak, currently, everyone is involved in conducting audits and security research for our clients. However, as we are currently in the midst of launching a few core products in our transition to a product and services company, we are seeking to build out a core security and audit team that will assist with both internal security needs and client’s needs. As such, we are seeking a security researcher and engineer specializing in smart contracts (mainly Ethereum, Solana, Cosmos) in order to kick-off this internal restructuring!

Your main responsibilities will be mainly conducting audits with our clients and helping out with internal security reviews of HashCloak’s smart contract enabled products. Further, you will conduct research and build tooling that will help with the auditing process in addition to keeping up with the ongoings of smart contract security!

Our team is interested in many exiciting areas at the intersection of cryptography, game theory, and finance, such as anonymous networking, private information retrieval, and zero-knowledge proofs. You will be working with a small, and international team based in different time zones around the world. We are a remote-only company and have a very flexible and relaxed culture.


  • Work directly with clients in reviewing their smart contracts and providing security-related advice
  • Setup internal processes to facilitate the auditing of smart contracts for different blockchains
  • Work directly with the various internal HashCloak teams with smart contract security related advice and reviews
  • Learn and experiment with new tooling and techniques for finding vulnerable code and integrate your learnings into our auditing process
  • Keep up to date on blockchain security research and tooling


  • 1+ year of experience conducting smart contract audits for one of the following blockchains
    • Ethereum (includes chains that use the EVM as its VM)
    • Solana
    • Cosmos (mainly CosmWasm)
  • Solid understanding of a major blockchain VM (EVM, eBPF as used in Solana, CosmWasm)
  • Experience with smart contract development and deploying smart contracts
  • Solid understanding of the common vulnerabilities affecting the aforementioned blockchain VMs (arithmetic, front-running, re-entrancy, cryptographic)
  • Experience with one or more of Go, Rust, C/C++, Python, Javascript/Typescript
  • Great written and verbal communication skills in English
  • (OPTIONAL) Experience in traditional cybersecurity
  • (OPTIONAL) Basic understanding of major DeFi protocols (e.g. Uniswap, Compound,etc)
  • (OPTIONAL) Basic understanding of financial mathematics
  • (OPTIONAL) Basic understanding of advanced cryptography (e.g. ZKPs, MPC)

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If you are interested in this role, please send an email to Mikerah at with a resume/CV along with something interesting you have built or published. We would love to see some of your previous projects, including open source projects, publications, etc., which would help showcase the highlights of your career.

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Please let HashCloak know you found this position on Cryptocurrency Jobs as a way to support us so we can keep providing you with quality crypto jobs.

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