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Senior Ethereum Engineer

About Cache

Cache.Credit envisions a future where users can access decentralized finance products seamlessly in conjunction with traditional financial services. We believe that the data on blockchains as well as off-chain data can be harnessed to provide credit scores to on-chain users and easy-to-use financial services unavailable to the general population right now.

We are building a credit scoring system relying on on-chain activity, off-chain data and trust-scoring reputation-based models. We will be building an under-collateralized lending system utilizing our credit-scoring system as well.

Our products are designed to be inherently decentralized and the majority of our code will be open-sourced. We follow a research-driven approach and are backed by some of the top investors in the industry.

Role and Responsibilities

We are hiring a senior web3 full-stack engineer to help us build Cache.Credit’s scoring and lending system, while keeping in mind the end-user’s experience.

Your responsibility will be to implement state-of-the-art smart contracts, ensuring security best practices and a modular design to ensure extensibility. You will be in charge of architecting an easy-to-use (initially web) application for users to take instant loans and an interface for easy trust-based scoring.

As an ideal candidate, you have previously worked on open-source production grade software, especially on EVM smart contracts. You are excited about the challenges of coding in decentralized environments and are ready to dig into low-level implementation details. You also have experience building and launching a product from scratch and understand the complexities of a production-grade consumer product.

You will be joining an ambitious team with multi-year expertise in blockchain protocols, security and cryptography. There will be a steep learning curve, we will expect you to stay up to date with technological developments, and you will be encouraged to apply your ideas to product designs.

Full-time and remote. No preference in location. Additional compensation in terms of bonus and equity will be discussed on a per-candidate basis.

What you will do

  • Write state-of-the-art smart contracts on Ethereum
  • Ensure that dapps are tested thoroughly via e2e tests
  • Contribute to other open-source projects that we integrate with
  • Work in close collaboration with the team on product architecture and design
  • Develop the credit-scoring infrastructure with our data science team

What you bring

  • Senior-level React development experience. Familiarity with databases and full-stack frameworks.
  • Expertise in Solidity, EVM, and smart contract design
  • Strong desire to build decentralized and open source software
  • Passion for learning new technology and tackling novel technical problems
  • Excellent English communication skills

“Nice to have”

  • A general knowledge of DeFi protocols. Have used several DeFi products (Uniswap, Compound, etc.)
  • Existing contributions to open-source software products
  • Higher degrees in Computer Science or equivalent

How to Apply

Send a resume to [email protected].

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