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We are delivering programmable privacy to decentralized applications


Fairblock enables users to seamlessly encrypt their transactions with a set of conditions for decryption and execution. Developers can leverage this framework to empower their protocols with a fuzzy logic for decryption and execution of transactions without exposing the contents of on-chain data before execution. Fairblock uses advanced cryptography schemes such as identity-based encryption, witness encryption, and zk proofs for verification of conditions and generating decryption keys in a decentralized way.

Fairblock has raised capital from top-tier investors, including Galileo, Lemniscap, Dialectic, Robot Ventures, GSR, Chorus One, and others. Fairblock’s co-founders and founding advisors are graduates of UWaterloo and MIT, with extensive experience in cryptography and blockchain engineering.

Fairblock’s products enable a wide range of applications and use cases, including bad-MEV protection, encrypted on-chain limit orders, wallet recovery, private governance, sealed-bid auctions, gaming, randomness generation, encrypted shared sequencing and more.

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