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Ultimate toolkit to leverage smart contract wallets & build custom transaction journey


Biconomy’s foundations were built on making Web 3 accessible and simple to all. We do this by making blockchain transactions seamless, and by doing so, we are accelerating the mainstream adoption of Web 3.

That’s why ease and accessibility are imperative to our innovations and solutions. While we build for developers, our work radically simplifies the overall user experience on Web 3. By abstracting away blockchain complexities, the end user enjoys the benefits of Web 3 with the familiarity of Web 2.

We are already solving for some of the leading players in the blockchain space & are emerging as the default transaction stack for Web 3. Some of our numbers:

  • Processed 22 million transactions
  • Facilitating over $233 million of transfer volume
  • Saving users over $4.7 million in gas fees!

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