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Oasis Foundation

A privacy-enabled blockchain platform for open finance and a responsible data economy

Product Manager

This role will be paid in USDT cryptocurrency

Company Description:

Designed for the next generation of blockchain, the Oasis Network is the first privacy-enabled blockchain platform for open finance and a responsible data economy. The Oasis Protocol Foundation supports projects focused on building privacy-preserving applications on top of Oasis Network.

Title: Product Manager

Location: Global (Non-US)

Role Description:

The Oasis Foundation is looking for someone to join our team as an early Product Manager hire. This is an opportunity to build Product at the Oasis Protocol Foundation from the ground up. This is a high impact role and your effort will play a meaningful part in establishing and fostering the Foundation’s products. We will look to articulate what are the Foundation’s products that will help drive adoption and awareness of our Network and accelerate development of solutions on top of it.


  • Define and articulate Foundation’s products that will drive Oasis Network’s adoption and strengthen its ecosystem.
  • Maintain a tight relationship with the Foundation’s Engineering team and help steer the development of Oasis Core, Oasis client and ParaTime SDK’s, Oasis Bridge, Rosetta Gateway and other Foundation’s projects/products.
  • Maintain relationships with developers and partners building solutions (dApps, ParaTimes) on top of the Oasis Netowrk and its products.
  • Be a strong ambassador of the Oasis Protocol Foundation to the broader audience of developers/partners building solutions on top of Layer 1 blockchain networks.
  • Help attract new developers and contributors to Foundation’s open source projects.
  • Understand Oasis technologies and their place in the broader ecosystem.
  • Represent Foundation’s values and clearly communicate about Foundation’s products, projects and technologies.
  • Research and stay updated on broader trends in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem.


  • You have a strong interest in cryptocurrency, blockchain, and data privacy
  • Excellent communicator with a unique voice and a desire to create paradigm-shifting products.
  • Capacity to own your projects end-to-end, including setting the initial vision, driving execution, and reporting on the ultimate outcomes. Must be able to problem-solve and make tough decisions using a combination of data and intuition.
  • 3-5+ years of senior Product Management experience and/or significant relevant success in the field.
  • Technical experience in a relevant field (software engineering or product management)
  • Blockchain or decentralized web experience (plus)
  • Ideal candidate can learn about and understand new technology quickly (plus)

Expect this role to grow and adapt as the Foundation grows.

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