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DeFi Integration Associate

The cryptocurrency market cap just hit $1 Trillion and continues to grow. This value is driven by the innovative new assets that enter the market everyday. Tokensoft brings these assets to market and makes them a reality, to date Tokensoft has created digital assets and digital securities that total $5 Billion in market cap. We’ve brought to market projects such as Tezos, Hashgraph, Avalanche and recently launched our own assets under, a joint-initiative brought to market by Anchorage and Tokensoft. Today Tokensoft supports three different blockchain-based asset classes, digital assets (blockchains and tokens), security tokens and now wrapped assets.

We are seeking an individual that is familiar with the defi ecosystem, to help expand the use cases for wrapped assets. This means learning about projects that would benefit from integrating wrapped assets such as Wrapped ZEC, Wrapped Filecoin or Wrapped Celo; developing and driving a strategy to grow use cases and adoption.

In this role, you will be working as part of the Tokensoft team, with a focus on ensuring the success of assets launched under, a product-line managed by Tokensoft. We’re seeking someone organized, collaborative and communicative to embed themselves in the various defi communities in the market.


  • Evaluate roadmap of defi applications that could add value to assets.
  • Track and execute on this roadmap of integrations, while working with industry partners to ensure success.
  • Understand and engage in the governance process to submit proposals to push integrations forward.
  • Build relationships with defi applications to help execute on this roadmap.


  • At least one real job or 3-5 years experience in the blockchain industry.
  • Familiarity with major defi protocols like Maker, Compound, and Aave.
  • Familiarity with governance processes of the major defi protocols and what it takes to get integrated as collateral.
  • The ability to analyze and assess returns from major defi protocols to determine the highest value integrations.
  • Familiarity and regular participation with yield farming in one or more applications.
  • Familiarity with voting in off-chain and on-chain governance proposals.

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