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The future of work will no longer rely on an individual’s higher education credentials or social capital, but instead, on a person’s proven on-chain history and verifiable reputation. With this paradigm shift, the lines between education and work are becoming increasingly blurred. People are earning while learning on the job, and being paid for their contributions through ownership.

RabbitHole is building the platform for this changing world. Our “Quests” incentivize users to learn about and use dapps while attracting the right tokenholders for any crypto project, and our “Skills” create verifiable credentials based on a user’s on-chain history.

If you join our team, you will be a part of our ambitious mission to:

  • Onboard millions of users into crypto
  • Be the best place for crypto projects / communities to find value-add token holders and contributors
  • Be the best place for crypto participants to find opportunities in web3

Who we are

Our team has deep crypto-native roots, working at some of the leading consumer teams in web3 like Dapper Labs and the largest DeFi ecosystems like MakerDAO and MetaCartel. We care deeply about the following:

  • Making the crypto consumer experience magical: to onboard the next millions of users into crypto, we need to make it easier and more enjoyable to use.
  • Finding the right person for the right opportunity at the right time: the future of work will depend on making the right connections between people, organizations, and opportunities.
  • Constantly learning: Crypto is rapidly evolving and our product is learning focused - this has permeated to the team and inspired a culture of research, discussion, and debate (and lots of Twitter).

The Role

  • Own and manage the business development and quest pipeline
  • Grow RabbitHole’s relationships with crypto protocols, including fielding inbound requests from projects, reaching out to projects who we are interested in working with, and deepening current long-term relationships.
  • Research and talk with projects to understand the key drivers for their network and design quests that help them meet those needs.
  • Create proposals for new quests and navigate the relevant governance process to get a quest approved.
  • Represent RabbitHole as our governance delegate:
  • Contribute to conversations in governance forums as a representative of RabbitHole and our mission to empower users.
  • Attend community calls for other projects to present about RabbitHole and stay informed about relevant community updates.
  • Help define RabbitHole’s BD strategy
  • Synthesize product / feature requests from crypto projects and help the RabbitHole Product team prioritize them.

Who you are

  • Crypto-native: you live and breathe crypto.
  • 1+ years of experience working for or with a range of crypto projects, whether in a VC type-role, partnership/BD role or as a DAO contributor.
  • Care about the success of the projects you are working with and the larger crypto ecosystem.
  • Have a presence on Twitter. Most news and happenings occur on CT.
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Please let RabbitHole know you found this position on Cryptocurrency Jobs as a way to support us so we can keep providing you with quality crypto jobs.