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Exchange Operations Analyst

CoinList is where the best crypto projects in the world raise capital and grow their communities, and is now one of the fastest growing crypto financial platforms. We support the full lifecycle of crypto investment, from token sales through token distribution, trading, lending, and crypto-specific services such as staking and access to decentralized-finance opportunities.

Through our token sale platform, we’ve helped projects like Filecoin, Blockstack, and Algorand raise over $800 million and we have facilitated more than $2.6 billion in crypto trades. We are the crypto platform for the smartest investors in crypto including crypto funds, whales, miners, and the executives and principals of other major crypto companies. We are backed by top-tier investors with offices in SF and NY. We are just getting started.

As an Exchange Operations Analyst at CoinList you’ll work cross-functionally across our trading and lending teams to scale our operations and finance processes. You’ll be at the frontline working with our most important clients and our internal execution teams to ensure timely settlement of transactions and reporting. We’re growing incredibly quickly and are looking for someone who can step up and help build out our trading and lending finance & operations.

Our work is difficult and ambitious, which is what makes it fun.

Core Focus:

  • Define trading and lending operations. You’ll help define processes, systems, and metrics for trading and lending operations with your exceptional communication skills and problem solving skills.
  • Support the daily financial operations. You’ll support daily banking operations such as bank transfers, wire transfers and ACH processing. You’ll monitor cryptocurrency and fiat balances on execution venues and rebalance as necessary.
  • Maintain data and financial integrity. Millions of dollars move through CoinList everyday, it will be your job to ensure all funds and transactions are accounted for. You’ll perform periodic reconciliations of internal accounting systems and external venue balances. You’ll work closely with our COO and external accountants to generate monthly reports.
  • Ensure an outstanding customer experience. Crypto is complicated and always changing. No matter what the situation or problem, you’ll make sure every customer issue is resolved quickly and with care. You’ll Interact directly with clients to answer questions and troubleshoot operations issues and work with other support teams to troubleshoot trading, funding and execution issues.
  • Scale our trading operations. You will help design amazing processes, building playbooks to help us scale our trading operations team, balancing that against a steady stream of ad-hoc operations requests and interesting problems that need solving.
  • Be a Leader. As an early part of our core team, you will take it upon yourself to identify opportunities for CoinList, get buy-in internally, and execute. CoinList is an incredibly entrepreneurial environment and we want people who will take advantage of this.

Who you are:

  • You have integrity. CoinList is a trusted partner for both the industry and our customers. We process and manage large amounts of money on a daily basis and we prioritize keeping our client’s interests at all times. Mistakes may happen but when they do you always take responsibility and work to find a solution. Integrity is core to our values and core to our success.
  • You’re excited about cryptocurrency. CoinList’s mission is to help the best crypto companies succeed by serving as a trusted advisor in the space. We’re incredibly excited by the power of distributed ledger technology, and you should be too.
  • You’re a proven operator. You have 1-3 years of finance or financial operations experience in a financial technology company, consulting firm, investment bank, or other high-performing company.
  • You know finance. You know your way around a financial statement and you are familiar with common financial instruments and language. You understand the mechanisms of different types of financial transactions and can translate those to execution and reporting.
  • You get stuff done. You’ll have (often ambiguous) responsibilities ranging from helping customers to speccing out product improvements. CoinList is a low ego environment and you shouldn’t be opposed to getting your hands dirty. You’re really excited about proposing and testing ideas based on issues and opportunities you see.
  • You have immaculate attention to detail. Cryptocurrency moves fast and you’ll have to move fast as well, but we always ensure the accuracy of your work. You’ll check then re-check all transactions and reports.
  • You’re analytical. You’re fascinated by data and enjoy structuring complex and ambiguous problems. You’re a whiz at Excel and (ideally) have experience using SQL and business intelligence software.
  • You deal well with pressure. CoinList’s customers are looking to execute transactions quickly. There is a lot of money at stake at all times. You thrive under high pressure situations like this and enjoy keeping others calm, on task and on track.
  • You ship. You make deadlines for yourself and you move fast. You focus on the things that matter and push back on things that don’t. People know they can count on you to get things done.

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