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Discord NFT Community Manager for 1ofOne

1ofOne is the leading NFT creative agency for A-list talent and global brands. We provide full service infrastructure and support for talent and brands interested in launching a unique suite of digital assets and NFT experiences that push the boundaries of NFT technology and empower content creators, collectors, and fans in the community. 1ofOne offers multiple NFT drop strategies ranging from fine art drops, games and collectibles, talent based NFT ecosystems, and premium content NFT drops.

Most recently, 1ofOne produced The Mike Tyson NFT Collection by Cory Van Lew. The drop has syndicated over 4.9K ETH/$17.5 MM USD (as of 10/13) and cracked the OpenSea Top 5 list for total volume traded per 24 hours. To date, The Mike Tyson NFT Collection by Cory Van Lew is the largest NFT drop of all-time for a sports figure or athlete on OpenSea across total volume traded.

Full Time NFT Discord Community Manager for multiple 1ofOne projects:

  • Daily management of multiple Discord communities tied specifically to NFT projects.
  • Engagement with community members, promotion of community events and updates, and resolving potential updates/disputes within the Discord.
  • Discord community managers lead by example for all participating members of the community and become brand ambassadors for A-list celebrities (1ofOne clients) and our projects and drops.


  • Moderate all Discord activity across multiple 1ofOne discord groups (tied to a wide range of projects, and thus a wide range of engaged fans and community members within Discord groups)
  • Posting, updating, and highlighting Discord community guidelines, expectations, and responsibilities.
  • Posting exciting updates, news, links, and articles ALL DAY, that are relevant and tied to the specific NFT project.
  • Available and flexible schedule as Discord fans and community members will be engaging with content 24/7.
  • Oversee Discord promotional activities and fan engagement opportunities through Discord (Airdrops, Whitelist, special access, offers, Discord member only opportunities)
  • Engage with fans on Twitter and Instagram, linking to the Discord and constantly driving value and awareness to the online communities.
  • Maintain the Discord community master calendar with daily updates, agenda, and events.
  • Work with our Marketing team to collaborate on Discord creative strategy, format, deliverables, and execution.
  • Attending bi-weekly meetings with the 1ofOne executive team.
  • Available for daily check-ins and flexible with hours and availability.

Skills and Experience

  • Experience, knowledge, and mastery of Discord and large Discord communities.
  • Experience with community management and resolving disputes online.
  • Professional and calm demeanor when resolving disputes, and approaching problem solving from a rational perspective.
  • Experience and mastery with Google Drive and Microsoft Office.
  • Comfortable in a multi-tasking, demanding, fast-paced atmosphere with flexible hours and schedule.
  • Highly driven, motivated, organized, and quick-learner –> someone who is willing to commit full time to the production of leading NFT Discord communities featuring A-list celebrities and global brands.
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