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This Week in Cryptocurrency Jobs: Issue 453

This week's issue features new jobs at Spearbit, Wintermute, Fidelity Digital Assets, Arrakis Finance, Biconomy, Status and others, and a profile on Floor.

By Cryptocurrency Jobs

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Latest jobs

Company spotlight

This week I highlight Floor.

Floor’s mission is to make web3 accessible to everyone.

They believe web3 will change the internet forever, but that the tools here today simply won’t cut it to welcome millions of new users.

Great products can simplify complex new technologies and unlock their power for the world. They’re building one of these products, beginning with helping users to understand the world of NFTs, with their sights set to much more.

Floor is loved by 10s of thousands of users in web3 today and they’re just getting started.


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Article: Modular Smart Contract Account Architecture and Challenges by Rui, SevenX Ventures.

Event: Recordings from the Rust x Ethereum day by Paradigm are now live on YouTube.

Shoutouts: Congrats to frens at Octav (they’re hiring!) on their seed round, and OpenCover (they’re hiring!) on their investment from the Base Ecosystem Fund led by Coinbase Ventures.

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