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This Week in Cryptocurrency Jobs: Issue 335

This week's issue features 76 new jobs at WalletConnect, Kleros, NFTfi, PayPal, Argent, Superfluid, Filebase and others, and a profile on WalletConnect.

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Latest jobs

Company spotlight

This week I highlight WalletConnect.

WalletConnect is an open source protocol for connecting decentralised applications to mobile wallets with QR code scanning or deep linking.

Started 4 years ago, their mission is to make web3 accessible to everyone. They’re the fastest growing piece of end user experience infrastructure for crypto with over 200+ product integrations.

WalletConnect is developed by open source developers of various Wallet and Dapp projects and are now looking for more team members to help scale their services.


Connect with a community of talented hackers, learn new tech, build cool projects, and earn exciting prizes! Brought to you by our friends at Gitcoin.


Event: Join over 1,000 engineers, designers, and creators at ETHGlobal’s HackMoney event which takes place on June 18 - July 9 2021.

Learn to Code: A Twitter thread by Nader Dabit with 16 high quality resources, tutorials, and videos to learn how to go from zero to building full stack apps with Solidity, React, & Ethereum in a couple of months.

Podcast: The Current State of DeFi with Vance Spencer, Santiago Santos and Spencer Noon on Bankless with hosts David Hoffman and Ryan Sean Adams.


Metaverse jobs:

  • Metaverse architect
  • Resource collector
  • Community moderator
  • Level booster
  • Digital clothing designer
  • Defi farmer
  • Event coordinator
  • DAO-member
  • Game designer
  • Curator and so many more

Accessible to all 4.6 billion internet users

Andrew Steinwold, Sfermion

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