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This Week in Cryptocurrency Jobs: Issue 329

This week's issue features 72 new jobs at Aave, QuikNode, Chainlink, ParaSwap, Superfluid, Greenwood Labs and others, and a profile on Superfluid.

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Latest jobs

Company spotlight

This week I highlight Superfluid.

Superfluid is a small tech startup working on a radically new type of payment technology able to improve global commerce.

The Superfluid protocol enables you to pay (and get paid) every second, instead of monthly. By accelerating money, the protocol empowers people worldwide to do more with less capital, increasing people’s independence and overall happiness.

Join the Superfluid team in their mission to transform the way assets move in DeFi.


Connect with a community of talented hackers, learn new tech, build cool projects, and earn exciting prizes! Brought to you by our friends at Gitcoin.


Tutorial: Zapper Learn provides a wealth of resources including DeFi basics, tutorials, and alpha leaks.

Twitter: 10 Ideas to get involved in crypto right now by Kinjal Shah, Blockchain Capital.



  • email / password
  • social networks
  • closed source code
  • legal contracts
  • stonks
  • bank accounts
  • LLCs


  • public / private key pairs
  • cryptoeconomic networks
  • open source code
  • smart contracts
  • programmable tokens
  • crypto wallets
  • DAOs
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