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Bilingual Generalist / Marketing Lead (Mandarin & English)

Note that fluent Mandarin and English are both required (because the team is mostly in China)


  • Engage with the Vite community on a regular basis (this includes holding regular telegram or youtube based AMAs, developing metrics of success for community engagement and leading our community management team to reach said metrics)
  • Design and run online campaigns to maintain and boost community interest (crypto airdrops)
  • Represent Vite in discussion panels at online conferences (e.g., Talk about Vite’s initiatives at Binance blockchain week’s conference)
  • Build a social media profile and advocate for Vite ( is a good example)
  • Write biweekly reports summarizing Vite’s progress
  • Converse with our team in Beijing on a weekly basis to discuss progress and formulate strategy


  • Strong written and spoken mandarin (and English)
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and writing)
  • Experience working in blockchain industry strongly preferred although not required
  • If this person has limited or no experience working in blockchain, they must be willing and able to learn quickly (e.g., tech concepts such as consensus algorithms, smart contracts, how Vite/Bitcoin/Ethereum/Nano work; market concepts of how crypto trades)
  • Experience with social media preferred although not required

How to Apply

To apply for this role, in addition to your resume or Linkedin, please send in the following two video clips. This is because this role requires representation of Vite at public events such as panel discussions and livestream AMAs.

First, in CHINESE, record a 90-second video where you introduce yourself (your location, academic background, professional history) and explain why you are interested in working for Vite (responsibilities include: community, campaigns, marketing, conference appearances).

Second, in ENGLISH, record a 90-second video explaining your favorite crypto (Doesn’t have to be VITE).

You may upload the videos to Youtube as “unlisted” (so no one can see unless they have a link) and send them to me. Alternatively, you can use Dropbox, Google Drive, and so on.

About Vite:

Vite Labs is a scalable public blockchain project. Our flagship product is a decentralized exchange with thousands of users. Our next near-term goal is to create a powerful, Vite-based cross-chain solution that facilitates easy data/asset transfer between different blockchains.

Our websites are and

Note that fluent Mandarin and English are both required (because the team is mostly in China)

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