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Reflexer Labs

We build low volatility collateral for DeFi

Developer Evangelist

Who we are

Reflexer Labs is building RAI the “reflex index”, a volatility-dampened synthetic instrument backed by ETH. We are decentralized money fanatics on a mission to create a stable and secure foundation for the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem. Our objective for RAI is to be a widely used collateral type for other DeFi projects, including crypto-dollars. By imbuing RAI with autonomy and minimizing governance, we aspire to build a financial system that outlives us—a money god.

Who you are

Reflexer Labs is a small startup, so we’re looking for someone who’s willing to get their hands dirty and occasionally go above and beyond what their job description says on paper. Our ideal candidate is:

  • Money-positive
  • A meme lord who loves the Ethereum community
  • A DeFi enthusiast who used to evangelize other money legos
  • Independent, organized, and accountable


  • Organize global developer events, including hackathons and conferences
  • Develop partnerships with mission-aligned developer and DeFi organizations
  • Create content and share insights and progress with the broader Reflexer community
  • Meme RAI into existence
  • Launch and maintain our upcoming grants program
  • Moderate Discord where the Reflexer dev community lives


  • Robust network in the DeFi / crypto space
  • Experience organizing events for developer communities
  • Technical writing skills
  • Optional: prior experience with community management at a DeFi startup


We’re offering a mix of salary compensation and long-term incentive alignment coming from an equity allocation.

  • $100-110K+ per year
  • 0.8-1% equity

Reflexer Labs website

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