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Note: We’re currently looking for candidates that are preferably in a European timezone! But regardless of where you are, we’d be happy to see you apply, especially if you feel you’re a great fit. This is a remote, full-time position.

Hello hello hello

We are ElevenYellow.

We believe in a different way of work and play. We’re a startup studio that’s launched dozens of SaaS and crypto products.

Our website is a terminal - our Slack is dysfunctional and full of pepes. Somehow we’ve managed to make it work for almost a decade.

Long story short: we’re a fully-remote working family and we’re trying to make 2021 an even better year for ourselves.

If this resonates with you at all, please keep reading.

Who we’re looking for:

We’re looking for somebody who is good at marketing crypto products and services. And if you’ve marketed an existing project that we would know… it might be worth becoming one of us.

In terms of prerequisites: there are some incredibly basic digital marketing skills you should have (I mean, Google’s product suite, some SEO, CRO, etc isn’t a bad start) - a good foundation in digital marketing is assumed here.

More importantly, you should understand how to build audiences and product-market in crypto (at an executional level). This is not something you apply to just cause u r good at memes - we need smart marketer :)

Plz apply if u have:

  • A great command of English (no spelling mistakes omg)
  • Marketed a crypto product/service
  • Understand NFTs (lol you will work on an NFT project to begin with XD)
  • Can write CRO copy (hax signup rates and make clicks)

Plz plz plz plz apply if u…

  • Have marketed a crypto product or service
  • Have proper experience with NFTs (collector or project work)
  • Understand how to define growth metrics for a crypto product/service
  • Know how to build marketing funnels
  • Move fast like panther

We have perks

This part is copy pasted but to give u a better idea of us:

Work remotely

We’re very experienced in working remotely. We were digital nomads before digital nomads were a thing. Feel free to pick up your laptop and work wherever you want, whenever you want. Just make sure you have a good internet connection and we’re good :)

Take vacay

We know what it feels like to work “too much” and our way of work isn’t meant to be stressful. Time off is the remedy to a lot of things, and we encourage you to take time off work. Three weeks is the minimum.

Annual Retreats

We do yearly, week-long retreats and we’d love it if you joined us (we pay your way, don’t worry). It’s important to meet each other in person and we value time spent with one another (whether that’s on Slack or face-to-face). We’ve met up all over Europe and islands across South East Asia.

All in good fun.

BTW we’ll be doing retreats again when we’re vaccinated and/or it’s safe to do so. Half the stuff written here is from a template dug from our Google Drive grave, but hopefully this gives you a better idea of the type of company we are. This year we sent swag packs to everyone instead.

We’re a laid back bunch

While team retreats sound awesome (and they are), our company ethos is what we value the most. Life is all about enjoyment, and work should be too. We’re all laid back and understand the human side of work and play.

The serious stuffs

  • Competitive Salary (remuneration depends on experience)
  • Health Insurance Coverage (monthly, set budget)
  • Self Improvement Budget (monthly, set budget)
  • Gym Membership (Monthly, set budget)

Plz do this to apply thx:

Send an email to :

  • Title your email “grug buy rock berry go moon”
  • Mention why you think you’re one of us
  • Describe your career highlights (highs and lows, best/worst projects, etc)
  • Add your portfolio / things that really define your work
  • LinkedIn / CV stuff if you feel its necessary (it’s not)
  • Tell us what ElevenYellow does
  • Tell us how you’d have marketed a project like k21 (not at all our project)
  • Put the words unga unga somewhere into your application

We believe applications should be human and conversational. While we’d like to see some form of CV / cover letter… we’d mostly appreciate if you told us who you were and what you wanted to do in life, both personally and professionally.

Of course, please only disclose what you’re comfortable with. And not to forget! We’re an equal opportunity employer and we encourage everyone to apply. We respect genders, ethnicities, boundaries, friendships, and the human aspect of work.

K thx

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Please let ElevenYellow know you found this position on Cryptocurrency Jobs as a way to support us so we can keep providing you with quality crypto jobs.

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