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Coin Trader’s Evolution - CTE Advisor was founded by T.k. Hamed from the ashes of the first and largest altcoin information news source by traffic, Coins Source Inc. (2013-2015). Coins Source innovated and instantly transformed the crypto space entirely, by leading on the leading edge of what alt-coins could look like in the future.

T.k. Hamed has been active within crypto for over 6 years now with tens-of-thousands of hours of crypto related experiences and continues to invest hundreds of hours on a weekly basis: researching, advising clients and etc. Over the years, he’s been involved in over 40+ crypto and blockchain projects and has been intimately acquainted and made friends with some of the most legendary figures known to cryptocurrency.

CTE Advisor assists projects that show exceptional capacity in sustainable development and general team technical know-how. We operate by delicately hand-selecting projects that we know will excel and satisfy various criteria that we have set internally, to maintain our reputation and potency within projects. We are not only advisors, but operate on a basis that best suits teams, taking on positions like head of marketing, advisory or with vigorous leadership educating and giving your team the edge to beat out the competition.

We’ve graciously assisted cryptos in the top 20, several more in the top 100 rankings and various IEO listings from Cartesi Binance Launchpad project to VSystems operated by the legendary investor of PoS, Sunny King.

These unique experiences are specific to crypto, from diligent strategy to growth hacking, SEM marketing and many other factors pertaining to what it takes to be a successful crypto. Our record and our deep understanding enhance credibility to how and what we seek in projects we assist. We remained unparcelled in the domain of crypto-launches and valuable information that takes several years to obtain a concrete grasp upon.

Already have a foot in cryptocurrency or looking to elevate to the next level? We are naturally seeking one specific individual whom will be promptly taken under the wing of T.k. Hamed as an interim of Marketing and Leads. This will be a commission-based role, part-time or on a basis that you feel most comfortable with. We will dedicate hours of hands-on mentoring and give you the necessary tools, knowledge, insight and dedication needed to excel to the top of this field.

How to Apply

Email or message @TK808 on Telegram with the following questions answered:

  1. Name
  2. Country of Origin
  3. Background of yourself
  4. Your general experience / education level with supporting evidence
  5. Your experiences in cryptocurrency and blockchain environments
  6. What are you looking to achieve within cryptocurrency?
  7. (Optional) Your current roles, with links
  8. (Optional) Other reference materials, social media profile and etc.
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Please let CTE Advisor know you found this position on Cryptocurrency Jobs as a way to support us so we can keep providing you with quality crypto jobs.