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Marketing Generalist

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πŸš€ Join Our Dream Team: Ultimate Marketing Maestro Wanted! πŸš€

Hey there, Digital Pioneer! 🌐

Are you hardwired with an insatiable curiosity? Is your passion for WEB3, Crypto, NFTs, and blockchain not just a phase but a way of life? Do you dream about content and wake up with game-changing strategies to enlighten the world with cutting-edge innovation and products? If yes, you should definitely read on and check out the new Cere Hub.

🌟 What We’re After:

Cere needs a Marketing Maverick, someone who’s not just skilled but lives and breathes the intersection of Data, AI and web3. We’re talking about a genuine passion for how AI can revolutionize the data world, leveraging the power of Cere’s Web3 Stack. Dive into the realm of content creation, SEO mastery, trendsetting advertising, and avant-garde market research with us and make your impact during this data paradigm shift!

πŸ’Ό Your Day-to-Day:

There’s more than marketing! Your role is as dynamic as you want it to be! Imagine collaborating with our elite squads in Business Development, Product Development, and Customer Experience.Β At Cere, everyone plays their part in the bigger scheme, which we’re externalizing via our next-gen, interactive platform, The Cere Hub.

Are you ready to leave a vast digital footprint as vast as Cere ledger and contribute to something bigger than all of us? Then, let’s redefine the future of marketing together! Seize the future and apply now! 🌌

About Cere Network

πŸš€ A Visionary Beginning:

Established in 2019, Cere Network has always been ahead of the curve, accurately predicting the challenges today’s systems would face, showcasing products such as CerePlay and CereFans along the way to demonstrate and showcase our incremental progress towards shaping this new realm of data being decentralized (and interoperable!). With the rapid evolution of AI and an unprecedented data surge, many organizations grapple with the complexities of data fragmentation. This, in turn, hampers seamless AI integration due to dependencies on diverse vendors.

🌍 Our Proposition:

Decentralized Data Clusters for the AI era, secured by the Cere Blockchain

Cere clusters are specifically designed to distribute data load, enhance processing speeds, and reduce latency by operating closer to the data source (such as your car, watch, or local merchants). They will also conduct automated data operations, including seamless AI inference at the edge.

🀝 Who’s With Us:

Our vision is endorsed and backed by global titans like Binance Labs, Republic Labs, and Polygon. Dive deeper into our journey toward full decentralization.

Our EthosπŸ’‘

Beyond Just Roles: At Cere, we don’t just fill positions; we bring on board individuals resonating with a unique ethos - a distinctive blend of qualities and values.

πŸŒͺ Thriving in Momentum: We have a penchant for those who shine in our dynamic setting, marrying a first-principles thinking approach with methodical, simulation-driven development.

πŸ“œ Clear Communication is Key: Our work thrives on crystal-clear written communication. Platforms like Notion are our lifeline, facilitating organized and transparent teamwork.

🎯 Autonomy & Aim: We champion self-direction and laser-focused goal orientation. Accountability and transparency aren’t mere words woven into our culture. It’s this ethos that powers Cere’s wave of innovation.

🌱 Character & Growth: Cere is a haven for individuals radiating character, setting high bars, and mastering efficient habits. A growth mindset and an unwavering commitment to shared victories underscore our collaborative spirit. As we journey forward, we’re crafting an expansive ecosystem of progress and unity.


  • Lead Cere Network to a prominent position in the Web3 infrastructure sector.
  • Collaborate with our team to produce engaging content for our social channels.
  • Work closely with the Cere team to implement strategic ideas.
  • Plan and execute product launches with clear technical communication.
  • Promote Cere’s products and brand with genuine enthusiasm.
  • Define and analyze key performance indicators; ensure they align with our goals.
  • Closely collaborate with the Cere Community team (both retail & developers) to drive continuous interest in the Cere Hub


  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in top-level marketing, preferably in Blockchain/Crypto.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to produce engaging blogs, press releases, and social media content.
  • Experience in startup environments, preferably in the Blockchain/NFT sector.
  • Proven track record in driving demand, growth, and revenue while keeping stakeholders informed.
  • Strong analytical skills with a focus on data-driven campaigns.
  • Passionate about blockchain and cryptocurrency.

πŸš€Dive into Our Global, High-Octane (and Predominantly Remote) BrigadeπŸš€

Embark on a journey with an elite assembly of minds, spanning across continents and cultures. Our hubs shine brightly in cities like San Francisco, New York, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Berlin, and key spots in Asia. While our ethos champions the flexibility of remote collaborations, the magic often sparks when we converge in person every couple of months. We treasure autonomy and the zest to interweave life with work. Yet, at the heart of it all lies unwavering transparency and a profound sense of ownership.

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Please let Cere Network know you found this position on Cryptocurrency Jobs as a way to support us so we can keep providing you with quality crypto jobs.

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