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Marketing Strategist

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About Botto:

Botto is a new kind of art form: a decentralized autonomous artist. Developed by a team of artists and technologists, Botto exists at the intersection of machine creativity and decentralized social coordination, employing cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to generate captivating digital artworks using the guidance of a market-driven crowd.

Each week Botto creates tens of thousands of prompts and images, unedited by humans. A community of stewards, the BottoDAO, votes on and discusses these outputs and the most popular artwork is minted as an NFT and put up for auction. The proceeds split 50% to the participants for their training labor and 50% to the community treasury to further develop and maintain Botto. As this process repeats, the community’s feedback trains Botto’s taste model, facilitating the development of its artistic depth and narrative.

New technologies have always influenced and transformed art making. Botto not only serves as a continued exploration of machine creativity, but of AI agency and value distribution, engaging technology enthusiasts on the challenge of AI governance through an artistic practice, while providing a comprehensible visual experience of AI processes and blockchain technology for arts audiences.

The synthesis between new art movements and emerging technologies have historically been a catalyst for introducing new technological concepts into mainstream consciousnesses in an accessible way. By creating a token economy that incentivizes decentralized feedback, Botto democratizes the artistic and governance processes, inviting people from all backgrounds and levels of understanding to engage and learn.

With the introduction of Botto into the art world, this boundary-defying project raises questions about authorship, creative process, distributing the value created from automation, and what the collaboration between human and machine intelligence can reflect to our society when developed in a communal and transparent way.

Job Overview:

The Marketing Strategist serves as the vital link between our marketing/communications and product departments and our vibrant community. This role is designed for a dynamic individual who can structure marketing efforts to build compelling narratives, and ensure that the DAO’s message is consistently conveyed across various channels (fulfilling a 360 approach). The ideal candidate will be organizing and streamlining marketing efforts across our media channels, further helping shape our communications with Botto’s audience and the BottoDAO community.

Botto also has a significant community component and we seek to engage and animate the community as often as possible. This role will need to include a degree of awareness of both community growth opportunities as well as ways DAO members can contribute to the Botto ecosystem and our governance process.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work with the product and artist management leaders to create a 360 channels strategy, campaign plans, and calendar for our releases.
  • Collaborate with our content team to connect the dots and execute on messaging, branding, and content creation across all platforms.
  • Act as the glue between the team’s visionaries, our content and operations, ensuring that communications are translated into actionable communications across channels.
  • Develop and implement these communication strategies that enhance Botto & the DAO’s visibility.
  • Create communication materials like press releases, newsletters, and social media posts that resonate with our community.
  • Work with Operations to facilitate information flow between all stakeholders, ensuring the team, DAO and broader community are informed and engaged with Botto happenings at all times.
  • Measure and report the impact of communication strategies to guide continuous improvement.
  • This role can start part time to upgrade our overall marketing ops and strategy, and facilitating timely and quality execution.
  • There is significant potential to grow this role into a broader scope of community management, including:
    • Community Growth: growing our community through experimental and creative growth activation campaigns on existing channels (e.g. Twitter and Instagram) and L2s (think Farcaster or communities on other L2s).
    • Contributors and Governance management: activating our community through facilitating bounties, grants, rewards, and governance comms and processes that give the existing community members more ways to participate in a way that is fun and rewarding.


  • 5+ years of Marketing/Comms experience preferred.
  • Willingness and ability to contribute directly to production and creative marketing strategy with a strong sense of the crypto art space and language
  • Proven experience in communications, marketing, and a related field.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.
  • Demonstrable understanding of marketing strategies and brand management.
  • Experience with engaging a community through various platforms.
  • Experience with data-driven decision-making and reporting.
  • Willing to work an East Coast schedule. There is some flexibility here as much of the team is also in Europe, but their primary teammates will be on the N. American East Coast.
  • Experience and/or affinity in traditional art world is a bonus


  • Strategic Thinking: Capable of developing long-term strategies for community engagement and brand presence.
  • Collaboration: Works effectively across different departments and fosters a cooperative work environment.
  • Adaptability: Comfortable with fast-paced environments and rapidly changing landscapes, as well as adapting to different audiences that include: crypto art collectors, non-crypto contemporary art collectors, AI and DAO researchers, mainstream and crypto media, AI art enthusiasts, and crypto newbies.
  • Influence: Persuasive communicator with an ability to shape community opinions and organizational reputation.
  • Memes are a plus.


Please email - send your C.V. (LinkedIn preferred) and a short (two paragraph) description/motivation of why you’re the right fit for this role. Describe a career highlight and lowlight thereafter. Title your email Sentient Robot and start your application with the word Cookies.

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Please let Botto know you found this position on Cryptocurrency Jobs as a way to support us so we can keep providing you with quality crypto jobs.

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