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Senior Marketing Operations and Analytics Manager


It’s not very often that a new asset class is born. Nevertheless, we’re witnessing exactly that with the rise of crypto taking place right now, as we speak, in the age of the internet. Over just the last 4 years, crypto has evolved from an embryonic $50B market, to a young but growing $1T today. At Bitwise, we believe that crypto has reached a turning point, and is headed north of $10T over the next few years. Along the way, we expect there to continue to be risks, and pitfalls, and uncertainty — much like the rise of the Web, and cloud, and apps before — but also great opportunity, and millions of people increasingly wanting to participate.

Our goal at Bitwise, is to help busy, mainstream investors understand and access the opportunities emerging in the new cryptocurrency asset class. We want all those who so desire to be able to come along for the ride, and be able to benefit from the role crypto exposures can play in pursuing their investment objectives.

Today, Bitwise is at an exciting moment as a firm. We manage over $1B, growing quickly, with the largest crypto index fund in the world (ticker: BITW) and a lot more coming. We focus on serving investment professionals—financial advisors, family offices, hedge funds, endowments, foundations, and others—the people entrusted to look after the capital and savings of individuals and institutions across the country. We provide education, partnership, and professionally-managed investment products tailored to this group’s needs, to help them build their view, pick their strategy, & get their exposure.

Currently, Bitwise is a close knit team of 23. Our backgrounds combine technology expertise with decades of experience in asset management and indexing — coming from firms including Facebook, Wealthfront, BlackRock, J.P. Morgan, IndexIQ, and We’re backed by some of the most accomplished investors in venture, and veterans of the financial services world. We love working together, we love what we do, and we’re excited about what’s ahead.

We’re looking for an exceptional individual to join the team and take on critical responsibilities to help Bitwise scale and our clients succeed. You will report to the Director of Marketing and will work side-by-side with him to drive strategic initiatives within the department. You will own many of the systems and processes upon which Bitwise’s marketing is built, and will be responsible for driving constant incremental improvement within them. There will be a lot to learn, huge success to be had, and some life-long relationships to be built along the way.

What You Will Do

  • You’ll own Bitwise’s MarTech stack, with responsibility for sourcing, implementing, administrating and optimizing all marketing systems.
  • You’ll work closely with our analytics team to track and report on the performance of integrated marketing campaigns, developing models for use in forecasting, CAC, LTV, and ROI measurement.
  • You’ll drive improvements in campaign performance by working with our campaign leads to ensure that all marketing programs have clear plans for AB testing and optimization.
  • You will strategize with the Director of Marketing on ways to improve marketing’s efficiency across all stages of the customer journey, and you will lead the drafting and implementation of solutions.
  • You’ll lead the design and technical implementation of high priority marketing initiatives such as lead scoring, account mapping, and multi-touch attribution models.
  • You will manage our MarTech vendor contracts, fulfillment, and licensing agreements, ensuring the tools and processes are in place to generate, capture and nurture demand.
  • You will own Bitwise’s data strategy, ensuring that we have the data that we need in the places that we need it to drive marketing and sales objectives. Additionally, you will develop and champion data integrity best practices across the business for maintaining a healthy database.
  • You will ensure that our desired audience segmentations are supported in all MarTech systems.

Who You Are

  • You have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • You have 7+ years of combined experience in marketing and analytics roles, including 3+ years of direct responsibility for marketing operations.
  • You have 3+ years of experience building and maintaining dashboards in a Business Intelligence tool such as Tableau, PowerBI or Sisense.
  • You have deep knowledge of the modern MarTech landscape and of how these tools work together to power marketing and sales processes.
  • You have direct hands-on experience purchasing, onboarding, managing, and optimizing multiple pieces of a modern MarTech stack.
  • You have exceptional time management, organizational, and self-motivation abilities. Your work ethic is a source of pride. You know how to prioritize tasks and to deliver projects on time.
  • You are a great communicator, in writing and conversation, and can convey details with clarity and coherence. You’re an analytical and logic-oriented thinker.
  • You are team-centric and care deeply about your relationships with the team internally.
  • Your style is like ours: high energy, positive, caring, deliberate, self-aware, curious and open minded, inclined to take ownership to get the best outcome but happy to transfer or share ownership with others. You’re proactive in pursuing what you want, you take pride in your ability to communicate and connect with others, and you’re always looking to improve.
  • You’re up for joining a small, fast growing firm. You have willingness and enthusiasm to learn new topics and be flexible in a rapidly evolving company and space. And you’re excited to go all in on crypto.
  • Your knowledge of SQL is a plus.
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