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Senior Solidity Engineer

xToken is building an asset management platform for tokens with complex staking models and other yield-generating properties.

As a Senior Solidity Engineer, you’ll be responsible for:

  • writing clean, tested code for xToken assets like xSNX, xKNC and xAAVE
  • building and updating xToken utilities like xToken Lending (coming soon) and future protocol improvements
  • helping design and build the yet-to-be-released XTK token staking and governance contracts

You will have experience writing production level Solidity code and will have deployed DeFi-centric smart contracts to mainnet. You will have experience working on a team and have a demonstrated interest in the DeFi and Ethereum ecosystems.

For someone who is successful in this role, there is a strong likelihood that this person will be managing a team of Solidity developers a year from now. We are a team of four developers looking for a proactive team member excited about xToken’s potential.

Salary range

  • Above market salary; significant token incentives

How to Apply

Send an email to [email protected] with a short explanation of who you are and why you’re applying, as well as some links to your work.

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