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QA Engineer

Whiteblock is an end-to-end development sandbox and testing platform for P2P distributed systems. We have developed a scalable testing platform to help dev teams build, test and deploy blockchain applications faster and with greater efficiency. We are expanding our team and are looking for developers, engineers, and architects with experience in dapp development, protocol engineering, and networking knowledge.

Job Description

  • Run a series of manual tests via command line to test new builds of the platform.
  • Be able to report any issues found to the product manager and lead engineer, along with a report detailing the steps needed to reproduce the issue you found.
  • Approach the platform from a user perspective and help discover use cases which may arise for potential users which are not currently documented or accounted for.


  • Part-Time
  • Location: Remote or on-site in Los Angeles


  • Intermediate Linux knowledge (ssh, dash/bash etc)
  • English Proficiency

Nice to Have

  • Be able to assist with the development of a QA process, in which a rich set of features will be tested for reliability and usability
  • Be able to contribute to the automation of testing, in a blockchain working environment
  • Knowledge of IP Routing, MAC Addresses etc.

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