Senior Solidity Engineer

Volt Protocol is a stablecoin system with a native stablecoin, VOLT. Unlike most stablecoins, VOLT is not pegged to any existing currency. Instead, it is stable in regards to the consumer price index (CPI), meaning that holders of VOLT have their purchasing power protected against inflation. VOLT is minted in exchange for stablecoins or as debt against collateral like ETH. Holders maintain a stable purchasing power.

Our seed round supporters include expert contributors in decentralized finance (incl. founders of Rari, Fei, Frax, Tokemak) and DeFi native funds (seed round led jointly by Framework Ventures and Nascent).

Our v1, which we launched April 22, is a system with major components similar to Fei Protocol, as well as some in-house custom logic.

In the immediate term, our focus is on securing the system including implementing guardian and sentinel roles in the system, as well as due diligence before deploying protocol controlled value into external yield venues. We are also seeking to make Volt available on trustless L2s like Optimism and Arbitrum while mitigating risks of network downtime. In the long term, we believe DeFi will scale to support an even greater diversity of instruments and lending terms than exist in the traditional financial world. To enable as much of this diversity as possible to exist in a single lending system without liquidity fragmentation, we will work towards “Volt v2”, otherwise known as “market governance”. The goal of this system is to adjust allocation of system funds in real time to obtain optimized yield.

As a senior engineer, you’ll have deep input into the design of this “v2” system, working closely with Volt Protocol co-founders Kirk and Elliot. You will also work with experienced technical leaders who have supported the project as investors as well as engineers from the Tribe DAO. You can expect ample access to code review and technical advising.

What we offer:

  • 250k+ salary paid in VOLT and vesting tokens (1+% of VCON supply)
  • Small team with deep cross-DAO connections —we’re part of a vibrant and intellectually stimulating ecosystem with a strong ethical foundation
  • Brilliant advisors — we are honored to be supported by an all star group of seed round participants including highly technical founders and experienced developers who you will be able to collaborate with the Tribe DAO, one of the largest and most well-resourced DAOs in DeFi

What we’re looking for:

  • Talented and motivated engineer looking for growth with the ability to tackle large, interesting problems on the cutting edge of DeFi
  • Partial daily overlap with PST required, ability to physically locate in either San Francisco or Los Angeles preferred but not required
  • Demonstrated interest in crypto — building, investing, yield farming, minting, voting, or whatever excites you in the space
  • Prior experience building crypto-native projects deployed on an EVM mainnet — especially using Solidity and Ethereum development tools (e.g. Hardhat, OpenZeppelin); experience in DeFi, testing, security, or auditing are a plus
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Please let Volt Protocol know you found this position on Cryptocurrency Jobs as a way to support us so we can keep providing you with quality crypto jobs.

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