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Unstoppable Domains

We build domain names on blockchains

Sales Engineer

About Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains is building Domains on blockchains. The company builds and launches it’s own domain extensions (like .com or .info) and sells domains direct to consumers at unstoppabledomains.com. We also have a Library & API so that wallets and other apps can offer blockchain domain resolution to their users. We are a small, but quickly growing team of entrepreneurs, builders, and lovers of all things crypto.

We recently raised a Series A led by Draper Associates. We were seed funded by Boost VC and we’ve received a grant from the Zilliqa Foundation.

The company is based in San Francisco, has offices in Kyiv, and is opening offices in several more cities soon.


Unstoppable Domains is looking for someone to onboard our many integration partners.

The internet today is broken. Billions of people are censored all over the world. This is not what early internet pioneers thought they were building. With the introduction of technologies like blockchains and p2p storage (like music file sharing), it’s now possible to build an internet that is censorship resistant, where users are in control. But this new internet will require decentralized websites and integrations with browsers, search engines, VPNs, and other blockchain technology companies.

You will work closely with the business development and integration teams to onboard and build project plans for new partners. The business is focused primarily on integrating with cryptocurrency wallets, web browsers, chrome extensions, registrars, and DNS resolvers. Examples of current partners are Opera Browser, Trust Wallet, and Myetherwallet. This is new technology so it is important to build UX design workflows to help companies visualize the user experience.


  • Project manage integrations with partners to ensure deployment within agreed upon timelines; build project plans, manage deliverables, communicate status updates, etc.
  • Join the business development team on calls with integration prospects to understand their needs and explain technical integration requirements
  • Work with the design team to build prototypes for new features and user experience workflows for how new features can live within partner applications
  • Maintain existing integrations with partners


  • 4+ years prior experience as a project manager or sales engineer at a technology startup
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Familiarity with blockchain technology is a strong plus

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