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React Frontend Developer

We’re looking for a skilled and hard working React FE Developer to help us build the leading web3 developer platform.


  • Work with the Terminal Product and Engineering team to build the leading Web3 developer platform
  • Implement front edge user experience designs bridging complex blockchain interactions and information to feel like web2
  • Integrate a bleeding edge backend of web2 technologies and web3 stack into a React App
  • Collaborate closely with one of the most talented and hard working teams of developers in web3


  • Exhibit our core cultural values: clear communication, positive energy, continuous learning, and efficient execution
  • Professional experience with React app using Apollo client + Reduct
  • Professional experience with Material UI 3
  • Professional experience with SSR, code-splitting, and Lerna
  • Collaborative energy and ability to work well in teams
  • Strong work ethic and passion for the Terminal vision
  • Bonus: Previous experience with web3 company

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