A decentralized oracle on Ethereum

Back End / Full Stack Developer

Tellor ( is a decentralized data provider built on Ethereum. We help power smart contract applications in a completely decentralized fashion and are looking for a full time backend developer.

Desired Skillset:

  • Ethereum/ Web3
  • Golang
  • p2p networking
  • Solidity
  • Databases (mongo, leveldb, etc.)
  • git

We’re looking for someone with:

  • Solid work ethic - you are motivated to learn and work independently
  • Dependability - you meet deadlines and articulate roadblocks
  • Problem solver - you can debug and troubleshoot code
  • Passion - you enjoy what you do and working with new technologies and building the new economy
  • Flexibility - you want to learn new things and jump on any task that needs to be done

How to Apply

Email your resume to [email protected].

Tellor website

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