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DevOps Engineer

stakefish is looking for a DevOps Engineer to evolve our infrastructure making it secure, reliable, and automated.

Long story short, stakefish is an international non-custodial staking provider. We are securing multiple PoS blockchains, including Cosmos and Tezos. We just launched Eth2 staking services and currently managing 170k ETH on the beaconchain. We are a highly distributed team with team members from more than 10 different timezones.

We are looking for people to join us for our decentralized future!

In this role, you will start working on new projects and maintain old ones. You will be involved with monitoring, setting up infrastructure, automating current processes while keeping security in mind.

If you are:

  • Never stagnates, always learn, but also pragmatic with legacy.
  • Tend to automate things rather than doing things manually. Knowledge of Terraform, Ansible, or any other similar system is a must.
  • Prefer to set up a monitoring system with alerts.
  • Knowledge of Linux systems: you should be native with shell, network utilities, configuration files, etc.
  • Knowledge of security and measures to prevent undesirable interventions is highly desirable.
  • Not afraid of a poly-language environment. Can read source code in TypeScript, Golang, Python, C++, Rust, and your favorite language (Order is random).
  • Able to communicate clearly your ideas and compromise from time to time.
  • Work remotely without any problems

In other words, if you are old-school who been doing computers since your childhood, but didn’t forget to keep up with the latest technologies and apply them – you found an ideal team!

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