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Stability Labs

Stability Labs

We make digital money safe, stable and accessible

DApp Developer

Stability Labs is building mStable - the Stable Asset Standard for Open Finance. Built on Ethereum, mStable is a decentralised platform for scalable and risk minimised stable assets that unites the fragmented stablecoin economy into radically more stable and secure digital assets.

Our core development team is in Germany and successful applicants will ideally join us on site in Berlin. If that isn’t possible, you can work remotely and we can get together for on boarding and regular offsites.

After raising two rounds of funding, the project aims to publicly launch in January 2020 and be on mainnet in Q2 2020. We are backed by some of the largest players in cryptocurrency (some of which are not announced publicly). Given that we are relatively early stage (pre-launch), core team members have the opportunity to be incentivised through an attractive allocation of our system token Meta (a token which has similarities to MKR and SNX).

Risk minimised and scalable stable assets are the foundation of a robust DeFi stack. Our mission is to build this stable asset standard, making digital money safe, stable and accessible.

DApp Developer

We’re looking for a talented Front-end or Full-stack DApp Developer to help us build a variety of clean, functional and intuitive browser based applications that will provide users with a great experience when interfacing with the mStable Standard. Developing front-ends for mStable constitutes a unique challenge in needing to perform complex operations with on-chain data while abstracting complexity away from the end user. Developing back-ends for mStable involves creating APIs and services that extract data from and interact with the Ethereum network.

As a core mStable engineer you will work closely with our engineering team while taking real ownership over your work - both your open source code and the resulting applications will be visible and utilised in the heart of DeFi. Our current front-end stack is centered around React, Context API and Web3js/Ethers however as an early engineer you will play a key role in architecting the system and as such are free to propose the best tools for the job.


  • Develop, deliver and refine mStable’s initial array of web applications including the Core mStable Platform and Governance dashboard
  • Deliver high-quality code that is maintainable, readable and fit for open source libraries
  • Expand on mStable’s platforms by architecting and developing applications to facilitate a variety of use cases
  • Provide value to our agile development approach and collaborate efficiently with the core engineering team


  • Provable ability to ship high quality, well crafted code in modern JavaScript frameworks
  • Strong knowledge of React/Redux/Context API (or equivalent), HTML and CSS
  • Experience working with Typescript
  • Experience interacting with the Ethereum blockchain and working with Web3js/Ethers
  • Competent in converting designs and mockups into applications
  • Create and manage open source mStable-JS library and supplementary packages
  • Comfortable working with Git as part of a team
  • Ability to self-motivate, prioritize tasks, and drive projects to completion

Nice to have

  • Experience contributing to or managing open source projects
  • Experience with any of the following: Golang, Google App Engine, CI/CD, React hooks, Solidity, Node libraries
  • Comfortable across the whole stack
  • Familiar with crypto-economic protocol design including governance and incentive structures

Why work at Stability Labs?

Stability Labs is a software development company that is driven to make DeFi safe, secure and transparent. These traits are unfortunately not common in cryptocurrency but are fundamental to the success of DeFi and its ability to scale to billions of users. The mStable Standard reflects these characteristics; it is a critical missing primitive to the emerging DeFi stack.

By working at Stability Labs, you will:

  • Receive a competitive salary and generous token allocation in mStable’s system token which has parallels to MKR and SNX
  • Contribute to a leading product in an exciting, cutting edge area of technology and finance
  • Work amongst a young, driven and international team
  • Be granted a high degree of responsibility, freedom and trust
  • Liaise with other leading DeFi projects on integration and collaboration
  • Get together in inspiring locations to build, meet and have fun at company Offsites
  • Have a flexible schedule and location, working from home occasionally as desired
  • Communicate asynchronously through Trello, Gitlab and chat with our broad team
  • Be valued for your contributions, in a results driven company

Our core team are closely aligned, highly motivated, agile and hold each other to high standards. As a core mStable engineer you will take real ownership over your work: both your open source code and the resulting applications will be visible and utilised in the heart of DeFi.

On site in Berlin, you would be working directly with the core growth and development team in an open and collaborative environment. We are supported by our Melbourne team and globally distributed, active advisory board.

Stability Labs website

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