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DeFi options protocol

Golang/Blockchain Engineer

At Quant, you’ll have the opportunity to work on a cutting edge decentralized finance network that will change the way people trade options. By joining us at this early stage, you will be able to have a high impact on the growth of Quant and bring DeFi options to the masses.

About Quant

  • We are building a fully decentralized Layer-2 option exchange that allows anyone to create and trade options
  • We’re a world-class team backed by top VC’s and market makers in the space.


  • Build, maintain and test core components, primarily our decentralized orderbook.
  • Write open source Golang clients that allow users to interact directly with our protocol and smart contracts.
  • Build high performance REST & WebSocket APIs to power our exchange frontend as well as programmatic traders
  • Work with our smart contract developers to monitor and respond to relevant blockchain events programmatically.


  • Worked on at least two production Golang codebases that are reasonably large and performant
  • Strong knowledge of Go idioms and libraries
  • Strong knowledge of CS fundamentals such as data structures and API design
  • Strong understanding of blockchain
  • Experience with libp2p
  • Ability to communicate technical concepts with other technical & non-technical team members


  • Experience with Ethereum/Solidity/geth
  • Knowledge of options

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