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Parsiq Foundation

Parsiq Foundation

Blockchain surveillance and analytics platform

Blockchain Architect

PARSIQ Foundation is looking for:

Blockchain Architect with strong technical experience in distributed systems and blockchain technologies. A successful candidate will work closely with our forensics, business and engineering teams to build an innovative product that will provide an innovative approach on blockchain analysis. We focus on many aspects of blockchain research and development, such as: data analytics, automation, consensus protocols, security and forensics, intelligence gathering. An ideal candidate is able to solve occurring problems efficiently and will be responsible for architecting and building solutions in both distributed and centralized systems. Candidates with personal ideas, concepts will be a valuable addition to our team. Remote or EU relocation.


  • Meet roadmap deadlines
  • Research, develop and manage implementation of the most efficient solutions for our platform’s blockchain architecture
  • Initiate, participate and sum-up productive discussions about product functionality


  • Have passion for building lean, efficient, optimized systems
  • Have extensive knowledge of blockchain technology
  • Be experienced in prototyping and building complex systems from scratch
  • Have clear understanding of big data processing technologies
  • Share and lead the vision
  • Be a knowledgeable resource for blockchain engineering


  • Understanding statistical approach
  • Deep understanding of statistical approach = please apply straight away :)
  • Knowledge of PHP and Python is a great benefit
  • Experience with active blockchain projects
  • Experience working or contributing to existing consensus systems. The more the better.

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