The sharing economy without intermediaries

Blockchain/Solidity Engineer

We’re looking for an experienced blockchain engineer to lead the development efforts of our Solidity smart contracts.

Our mission is to allow buyers and sellers to meet and transact in a completely distributed way (from car, housing, bike, and other rentals to task-based services like freelance engineering, design, marketing and more).


You will work closely with our founders (both developers) and other early engineers to architect and build out the Origin platform.

You will develop the smart contracts for integral parts of our distributed platform including:

  • User and listing registries
  • Handling calendaring, booking rules, identity verification and other features of the Origin platform.
  • Implementing our token economic models

As one of our first dedicated Solidity engineers, you will be integral in setting both company and engineering culture and processes.

Unlike many other projects, we are looking to build large-scale, impactful infrastructure on top of the Ethereum blockchain (vs. just token sale contracts). Your work will be integral in changing the way that buyers and sellers interact on the blockchain.


  • 2+ years in software engineering
  • Deep understanding and experience with writing Ethereum smart contracts
  • We have a strong preference for candidates who have contributed to open-source projects in the past
  • Bonus points if have demonstrated open-source leadership and led a major open-source project yourself

How to Apply

Please include the following in your resume and cover letter:

  • Links to online profiles you use (GitHub, Twitter, etc)
  • A description of your work history
  • Any publicly viewable code that you have written and published to the blockchain
  • Why you are excited about Origin

We strongly encourage applicants to read our product brief and whitepaper and to engage with us around specific technical challenges.

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