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About Nodle

Nodle is a permissionless wireless network, focused on providing connectivity to IoT devices. Unlike traditional IoT operators who set-up networks in every countries they need to operate, Nodle uses a completely different approach. The IoT network is crowd-sourced to a community of smartphone users, who are incentivized through crypto tokens. The users own the network. We call it the Citizen Network.

Founded in 2017 by Micha Benoliel, the serial entrepreneur behind Firechat, and Garrett Kinsman, the Nodle team is now a group of 40 experts in varied fields such as cryptography, blockchain, wireless protocols, and mesh networking. While founded in San Francisco, Nodle is now a fully remote company.

Nodle is constantly innovating, in both software and hardware. The company was given a Platinum Award in 2020 by Juniper Networks for its Nodle M1.

The role

We are looking for a Blockchain Developer to join our global team. This role will report directly to our Chief Blockchain Officer. In this role you will work closely with the engineering team to secure our native blockchain (Nodle Chain) as well as building and maintaining our Block Explorer, creating and maintaining documentation, and writing tests for our back-end code.

For this role we are ideally looking for a candidate based in Eastern USA, Europe or able to work +/-4 GMT working hours.

Code Repositories will be asked for upon application.

The requirements

Must have:

  • 2+ years of experience working on blockchain projects
  • Experience coding in RUST
  • Experience working with remote teams
  • 1 year of experience working on token based projects
  • Demonstrate experience working with TDD (Test Driven Development)
  • Must be a fan of automation
  • Experience with Docker and Container technologies

Nice to Have:

  • Experience working on Polkadot & Parity Substrate projects
  • 3 years of professional work experience in teams
  • Affinity with DevOps

About work at Nodle

We are a tenacious and altruistic team with shared values. We value creativity, autonomy, passion for what we do and personal and professional evolution. We support one another as we know the importance of our work and that as we continue working together we will accomplish all goals we set for us. We don’t enjoy micro-managing or worrying if our peers will help us when needed. We work hard, we respect one another, meet deadlines and enjoy each others' company.

More on Nodle and How it works:

Manufacturers or operators of electronic devices utilize the Nodle Network to collect valuable data and connect their remote devices to the Internet, and many are benefiting from it today. The Nodle Network is currently being used by Fortune 500 companies to locate their assets. The range of applications in asset tracking can go from consumer tracking devices, to Bluetooth tags that can locate pallets, goods, vehicles, and parcels. Every smartphone owner has the opportunity to participate. All that is required is a smartphone and a mobile application. No special investment, knowledge, or skill is necessary. Once a user has joined the community and their mobile application has launched, they can automatically participate in the Nodle Network.

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Please let Nodle know you found this position on Cryptocurrency Jobs as a way to support us so we can keep providing you with quality crypto jobs.