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Building DeFi's first undercollateralized crypto lending solutions

Senior Solidity Developer

About Maple

Join us as we build a better financial system. Our mission is to get more capital to where it can do more good. The financial system can be a powerful force for innovation, but to get the most out of this it needs to be open and efficient so that great ideas and businesses get funded. Maple lays groundwork for a future of open, borderless crypto banks by letting DeFi users raise money issuing bonds. Maple’s SmartBonds are the world’s first crypto bonds.

To start, we’ve built the world’s first end to end crypto bond, secured by revenue-generating crypto assets. Our MVP launched in November with a Compound integration and momentum is building!

Senior Solidity Developer Role

This role is critical to us building the world’s best debt marketplace, period.

You have experience building smart contract applications running on mainnet and understand the importance of testing your Solidity code. You have an eye for design and optimising workflows to deliver the best, cleanest user experience possible. Your code will be clean, auditable and efficient.

You are 100% passionate about the potential of DeFi to deliver 10x better financial products for users. The role is remote, working with our founders and a small team of skilled contract devs that worked on the MVP. You will be the first and most important member of Maple’s internal dev team and take ownership of the development life-cycle.


  • Contribute high quality, performant, and well tested code
  • Improve fungibility of Maple’s ERC20 tokens and integration with other DeFi projects to expand Maple’s functionality
  • Expand the boundaries of what DeFi can do by building a global, open way to raise debt.


  • 1+ years experience developing smart contracts on mainnet
  • 2+ years in software engineering
  • Understanding of Solidity, Assembly, and the EVM
  • Active member of dev community
  • Passionate about the decentralized finance space and solving hard problems.

Nice To Haves

Familiarity with crypto-economic protocol design including governance and incentive structures.

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